Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bold Move, or Bad Move?

I did it. I cut bangs! Ok, I didn't cut them, my hair lady Tiffany cut them. Katelyn can attest that I swore I would never cut full bangs. I said it many of times. However, by some unforeseen force I was sitting in the chair and thought, "what the heck". Really, they aren't that thick and I am sure I could sweep them over if I get sick of them. But, I had to document this by taking a picture.

Definitely not a cute picture of me - but you get the gist.

The jury is still out on whether or not I like them. This could have been a really stupid move given the it is now summer and bangs and water don't really work well together.


alisa said...

i like the bangs. they will grow on you, trust me. you look cute.

Vic and Lindsay said...

I love them. They are darling!!

The Hanks said...


I absolutely love your bangs! They look so good on you and your hair looks gorgeous. I asked Jeff and he agreed, BOLD MOVE!

Nicole said...

i remember the last time you had JUNIOR HIGH! and i also remember how penel forbade you from growing them out. ah, good times. anyway, i like them. i'm thinking of getting me some.

penel said...

It reminds me of you in Junior High! Tres chic!

Natalie said...

My bangs of junior high and my bangs of now should not be compaired in the slightest bit...for a two major of reasons:

1) my bangs in junior high were styled in the classic "sausage roll". I will not be pulling out the big curling iron to style my bangs now. Thanks to the chic straightener, my bangs can be as straight as the day is long
2) Over the years i have somewhat managed to figure out how to style my hair. In junior high, i had no idea.

I am glad you at least think they are chic...I take that as a complement!