Friday, June 22, 2007

Food & Family Trump All

Since yesterday was the official first day of summer, what better way to celebrate than to spend an evening outside at a BBQ? Every Thursday night during the summer Hidden Valley has a BBQ out on the back patio. This has quickly become one of my favorite events to go to. Great food, great weather and even better scenery. Thanks mom and dad for letting me tag along. The only missing piece was Alex (well, and Austin but he doesn't count right now). I am sure Alex will soon learn that good food and family can certainly trump hanging out with friends.

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gurrbonzo said...

Look how cute you are. What a good, random blast from the past! I am so confused about your life right now, but happy to have discovered your blog. let's e-catch up! write me pronto so i don't have to communicate entirely by comments...i need life details that i am unable to get from reading about your mash t-shirt and such. What a treat! shimmygurrshimmy at yahoo dot com.