Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There Goes the Neighborhood

As a renter in a very upity neighborhood, I understand the standards that should be upheld by all the residents - and I try my hardest to follow along. We don't have loud parties, we don't have hordes of people over at our house taking up parking on our small little street, we put our garbage out on garbage day, we plant flowers in our small garden, we mow our lawn - pretty much we are the best renters this small neighborhood could ask for.

A month or so ago, our yard was infested with dandelions. We went back in forth whether or not to fertilize it ourselves or just hire somone to do it. We eventually ended up hiring someone, and now our lawn looks fabulous. But for a few weeks, our lawn looked like crap. We would mow it regularly in an attempt to minimize the look of the dandelions. Much to our avail, it didn't work all that well.

With that said, there are two little old ladies that live at the end of our street. I call them the neighborhood police - for this reason only:

In the midst of our dandelion fiasco, I was sitting in my front room looking out the window and notice this dual of double trouble walking towards our house. They stopped at the corner of our yard. They both turned to look at our house and put their hands on their hips. I knew what they were looking at. Those damned dandelions. Being inside, I couldn't hear what they were saying, but this is what I imagined the conversation to be:

Lady #1: Oh my goodness, will you look at this yard?
Lady #2: There are dandelions everywhere! (she is pointing mind you)
Lady #1: This is completely unacceptable. This is ruining our neighborhood!
Lady #2: I am going to call their landlord and complain.
Lady #1: I will call too, we can't let the neighborhood be ruined by renters like these!!!

Since the fertilizing, I think our yard looks very good. We even have flower pots on our front porch. However, I have been mistaken.

Just two days ago, Mackenzi and I were sitting in our front room and I saw the neighbordhood police walking our way. It looks like the only purpose of their little strole was to come and look at our lawn again. The walked straight to our lawns edge and put their hands on their hips and they stared at our lawn. I ran to my room to get my camera so I could document this, but they had turned and started walking away by the time I took the picture.

WTF? Our yard is in fabulous condition.

I don't know why these old ladies have it out for us. Gosh, my life is so difficult!


Erica said...

Maybe they were talking about how far your lawn has come and how great it looks? Truly the fertilizer works better than the scissors you were using earlier!

Garrett said...

Nat, what company did you use...I have some dandys coming in the backyard.

Natalie said...

I believe we used Delicate Lawn Care. It only cost us like $25 to do our entire yard. I like to claim that I flirted with the owner to get the good pricing - so you might want to put Lori on calling duty :)

Amy Buff said...

I think you are fabo Natalie!

Garrett said...

Nice, thanks for the heads up!

Abi said...

I love what you said . . . "blog stalking" that is great! Well I should stop by yours more often!!
Even though I respect Cedric, I'd rather keep the other boys alive on SYTYCD! That show inspires me!!! Good to hear from you!