Monday, July 2, 2007

I Think I am Still Sick...

Have you ever eaten so much you think you might never recover? If you haven't ever felt this way, I suggest you go to Bear Lake and order and Old Ephraim from Bear Lake Pizza. Then and only then will you experience what it feels like to think you stomach has expanded to 10X it's natural capacity.

This past weekend I brought a group of friends up to my family's cabin in Bear Lake. I thought about posting some pictures from water skiing up there, but after reviewing them and seeing that I look pretty bad in every one, I decided not to post any of them. This is my blog - I have the right. Ok wait, this is the only picture I look presentable enough to post on cyberspace.

Here are a few other pictures that I took this weekend.

Trips like this usually contain three things: Eating, relaxing and doing some sort of activity. Relaxing and an activity are usually accompanied with eating. So pretty much you are eating the entire time. So imagine going to dinner when you are already full and then forcing yourself to finish off a 28" pizza. Well, that is what we did. We are now famous and have our picture on the wall at Bear Lake Pizza for finishing this monstrosity:

As if eating this ginormous pizza wasn't enough, we had to top it off with a trip to the ever so classic shake join, La Beau's.

I seriously think I am still sick from this weekend. However, it was totally worth it!


alisa said...

raspberry milkshakes...yummmm. just from this little teasaer i'm thinking my monday morning recap is going to be awesome...i can't wait!

Mar said...

Your eyes are a bit droopy in that last pic...too much pizza and raspberry shake I would assume. Looks like I need to arrange an intervention for your excessive pizza abuse.

Natalie said...

Mar -
Glad you noticed the droopy eyes. Um, earlier in the day i was stung/bit by one of those nasty deer flies right above my eye. Within 30 minutes, my eye was pracitcally swollen shut.

Athough, being drunk off pizza is a better story. I'll stick with that ;)

Nicole said...

look how fun you are. i love it.

Abi said...

Dude your friends with Ben Brooks? We go way back to like 4 years old!