Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Friggin' Birthday Mackenzi

How daring are you? Well, that very question was posed last friday as a group of us went to Red Rock to celebrate Mackenzi's birthday. Rich and Brandon asked, "who wants to play Credit Card Roulette?" At first, there were no takers. Well wait, all the boys that were there were in. However, none of the girls. That is until I agreed to participate and somehow convinced everyone else to put in. WTF? How rude am I? I pressured everyone in and before I knew what was happening, my credit card, along with 10 others, were placed in a hat.

Dooms day. Seriously, enlarge the picture and look at April and Brandon's faces. I know what that look says, "Oh please don't be mine!". And the lucky winner and the sponsor of Kenzi's birthday = Brooke Mason!

The birthday card that Brooke gave Mackenzi rang very true after footing the $150 bill.

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