Friday, July 13, 2007

When Bees Attack!

Bees scare the living daylight out of me. I have had a fear of them ever since I was born. I had been lucky enough to only recall being stung once in my whole life. That is until this week.

In a matter of 5 days, I happened to be stung by two separate bees. Both equally painful and extremely dramatic. The first happened on Sunday while I sat out on my parents rock wall in front of their house. I was minding my own business, eating a package of cheddar filled crackers when the most excruciating pain shot through my heel. My foot flew in the air, my flip flop went airborne and the package of crackers went flying.

I hobbled inside and put a package of frozen peas on my heel while I lay on my living room floor moaning. I received little sympathy from my family. Given, I might have been a little over dramatic... but hey, drama never killed anyone right?

The second attack happened last night as I was cleaning out my car. I had piled all the stuff from my car on the side of the driveway. I soon noticed that my stuff was attracting a small swarm of bees. WTF? There is no food in the pile, I thought. Since only days before had I had viciously been attacked for no good reason, I thought I better handle this situation with rationale and patience. With that said, I went inside and got a bottle of Windex. Surely this would scare them off enough to grab some of my stuff and make a run for the door.

A few spritzes and the bees scattered. "I am brilliant," I said to myself. However, in my haste to grab my stuff, I had neglected to hold on to the Windex bottle and it was now in the middle of my pile of remaining crap. And the bees were swarming again. I hovered and waited until there were no bees around the bottle, and I grabbed it quickly. This must have pissed off one bee because within 2 seconds one attacked my leg and stung me hard. I scram and ran inside. Since I don't buy frozen vegetables, I took a package of Otter-Pops from the freezer and used that to numb the pain.

Please, please be careful of the bees this summer.


Nicole said...

i hate bees too! i got stung last year on the bottom of my foot in hawaii on the beach--walking on hot sand with a freshly stung foot is not pleasant.

gurrbonzo said...

I. Have. Never. Been. Stung. In my Life.

Knock on wood.

Lesson to be learned: Otter Pops are the answer.