Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Welcome Home Elder Harris!

Wahoo! Austin is home! I can't believe that two years has gone by so incredibly fast! Austin served in Veracruz, Mexico and was an outstanding missionary! He still has a strong Mexican accent when he speaks English. It is freaking hilarious! I am so glad to have my entire family back together again. Two years is a long time!

Here are a few pictures from the airport last night:

I found a super cheesy balloon that I just had to get for the occasion. Alex said, "that is embarrassing, Natalie". I then said to him, "you are embarrassing." :)

The four siblings finally together again!

Austin has always been "my buddy". It might be because of the brunette hair and the fact that the red heads stick together. But I told him last night, "thank goodness my buddy is back!"

The whole fam:

Austin totally went to school today. I wonder how he is doing. I am sure he looks like a deer in the headlights!

Welcome home buddy!


diania said...

How exciting. You didn't tell me about this today at work. I bet he is so nervous at school with all the ladies...

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Nat - so exciting that Austin is home!!!!!! I loved your pics of Snugglefest! MMMM- makes me want to go and buy some ben and jerry's - YUMMY!

Nicole said...

nice sombrero.

Vic and Lindsay said...

So fun to have your brother home. I hope he is not as wierd as my brother was..... Haha! Now my bro is a little to broken in. How exciting though.

Jeff said...

Que bueno que ya esta en casa tu hermano guapo. Bienvenido a casa Austin. haber quando me visitas en Arizona guey! Aqui tienes tu casa. saludame a tu familia y cuidan sus carros para que nadie los roban!
Adios, que Dios este contigo. p.s. hi Natalie

Anonymous said...

Austin is looking cuter than ever!... Is he still available? I'm sure the ladies are all over him. But remember I have single sisters...5 of them.