Monday, August 20, 2007

Snugglefest 2007

Every once and a while, a good old fashion GNO is in order. After a FREEZING morning at the lake (annual ward ski trip activity), my friends and I decided to not get ready for the evening, spend all of our time chatting, eating fatty foods and watching fabulously good chick flicks. This idea came to us as we huddled underneath the pavilion in sweatshirts and blankets at the lake Saturday morning. So, in between our teeth chattering and lips turning purple, we decided that that night would not be spent with our guy friends at the Poison concert, but snuggled up in blankets watching chick flicks and drinking Diet Coke (or regular coke for me).

And by "snuggled" we didn't mean with each other. We just wanted to be snuggled in blankets and pillows. This explanation did not fly with the some of the boys in the ward. The male psyche has a warped perception of what a typical girls night out (or in) consists of. No, it does not consist of 5 girls, running around in our underwear, giggling while hitting each other softly with big feather pillows. It consists of 5 ginormous cokes (diet and regular), pizza and the ever so dependable Ben and Jerry.

We titled the evening: Snugglefest 2007 - just because we can.


A ginormous coke was definitely our first stop:

Followed by Ben and Jerry:

And just to be funny, my friend Racie took this picture and text it to some choice male friends who we knew would appreciate it.

A night in with the girls sometimes just can't be beat!


alisa said...

is that your leg natalie? of course you'd be the one to give the boys what they want.

Natalie said...

Oh course that is my leg! Am I that obvious?

alisa said...

yes you are that obvious. and i love it!

i'm so happy that you drink coca cola classic. that diet stuff tastes like poo.

Abi said...

amen to this post. i love gno!!

richard said...

This post is lame... Girls night out is lame... Poison concert was and is a much better idea.