Monday, September 10, 2007

It's good to be 13 again... or is it?

After a night spent shopping and eating in Park City, me, Kenzi, Racie and Brooke decided to spent the remainder of Friday night eating ice cream and watching a movie. A perfect way to start a weekend if you ask me. We had a few of our guy friends call us to "hang out", but thought shopping and eating with just the girls sounded more fun.

While watching the movie, I get a call from a restricted number. Instantly I know it is our friend Creighton prank calling. Yes. He is 27 and prank calls. Awesome. I press ignore on my phone. Not two seconds later he calls again. I press ignore again. He calls a third time and I decide to answer it. I tell him I am watching a movie and that he should call me back and leave me a message.

About 5 minutes later there is loud banging on Brooke's front door. And then, fireworks. Literally, fireworks. Creighton and his buddies have set off a nice firework display on Brooke's front porch. Now, I should have gotten my camera out to take a picture (because that is what I do), but we were more entertained at the level of interest Brooke's neighbors were taking in this pyrotechnics show - one naked man across the courtyard, and another girl came outside in her skimpies. Really, it was all very entertaining.

We decided that this kind of behavior does not go unnoticed, we devised a plan of attack.

We got outfitted in our black:

Brooke might have fallen off the bed in our attempt to capture this on camera:

We drove to 3 different grocery stores to buy cling wrap (because apparently nothing is open after midnight) and drove to Creighton and Danny's house to begin our night of fun.

C and D have the exact same car, so they both got hit. Amazingly we weren't caught. Well, a pizza mad did drive by when I was on the ground attempting to throw a roll underneath the car....but he was either too high on pizza fumes or just too high all around to care.

Mission accomplished:

As Kenzi and I drive home relishing in our successful vandalizing outing, Creighton calls me. He tells me, "nice job!" As we are chatting I turn the corner of my street and see this:

Kenzi and I couldn't stop laughing. I asked Creighton if he did it, and he denies everything. Kenz and I then think it is our friends Rich and Brandon. However, after interrogating them at church on Sunday, they deny everything. So, who's the culprit, time will tell.


alisa said...

you are so silly natalie....sometimes it is nice to revert back to those junior high days.

Kenzi said...

So much fun! However, cleaning up wet TP the next morning...not fun

Abi said...

creighton lowe? what fun! We use to stuff like that with weston and spencer and josh . . . we would water balloon them and put ketchup on their car. oh those were fun times!

Vic and Lindsay said...

How funny!!!

Nicole said...

thirteen is right! i can't believe you actually did that. hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Your stories are making me wish I was still single...sounds like a blast. I wonder if Whitey will go toilet papering with me?

Amy Buff said...

That's Funny! And if you please where did you get the idea to saran wrap a car? Could it possibly be from your coolest Enrichment planning buddy, Me?

Kristine said...

Hmmm... who could have toilet papered you? Don't worry Nat, I am here to help you find that answer! Cause that's what friends do!

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Oh my gosh I love it. Totally brought back memories of all the pranks my friends and I did at BYU (yep, I wasn't 13 years old either...I was in college!). Fun fun times! I'm just glad you documented it all.

Jason, Sara, & London said...

Seriously i want to come next time. I miss those days. Nat it is Sara Samuelson. I just wanted to say hi and tell you i am glad you are still 13!