Monday, October 22, 2007

Apparently, I can't always win...

So, my gas light has been on for who knows how long. I like to play a fun game of "chicken" with my gas light. How long can I go without filling up?? I am sure over the past 9 years of my driving career I have coasted into gas station on fumes.... but I have never lost to the power of my machine.... until this morning.

One annoying thing about my car is the gas light. It will go on and tell me how many miles I have until I am at empty. However, this number changes depending on who knows what. One day, I was leaving work and the light came on and said I had 32 miles until I was empty. I drove straight home and when I got home it said I only had 9 miles until I was on empty. WTF? Downtown is not 23 miles away. So after that, and a few other instances, I decided not to trust my gas light reading. I have learned to reset my odometer (I believe that's what it is called) and I fill up according to how many miles I have gone.

However, today my machine beat me. As I drove up the street from my house this morning, my car completely shut down. And my some cosmic force, I was directly in front of a gas station. I left my car in the middle of the street, ran into the gas station and rounded up 3 nice gentlemen to push my car to the pump. It was totally embarrassing.

Things I learned today:

1) My car can go 408.2 miles on one tank of gas
2) My car's tank holds 20.2 gallons
3) It is extremely embarrassing to run out of gas
4) I should pay attention to my odometer
5) I should fill up when my gas light first comes on
6) It cost $60 to fill up my gas tank from empty to full


The District Girls said...

I have had the pleasure of running out of gas once. I was in the Tahoe and apparently the gas light didn't work and no one informed me of this. So there I was stranded in the middle of the road on Cottonwood Lane in a huge thunderstorm with no gas. I never play the gas game anymore.

Brooke Pettegrew said...

Nat that is so funny! For some random reason I went a different way to work today or I totally could have been there to take pictures! You're hillarious!

Diania said...

When I was in high school one of my best friends, Spencer, wanted to see how far his truck would go before it ran out of gas. I begged him to get gas after school, but no. So about halfway home, after school, we ran out. I was so embarrassed sitting on the side of the road while everyone from my high school passed us by.

He was prepared for the test though, he did have a gas can in the back of his truck.

Kristine said...

I recently lost the to my car as well. I was just around the corner from my house, so I had to run home and get my dad to fillerup... It was actually more inconvenient for Jake cause I was supposed to get him dinner, but by the time the civic was up and runnin' again the restaurant was closed... whoops.

Abi said...

you kill me! I panic when the light comes on! i never want to run out.
And I met Karl at Lindsay's wedding and hung out on the same table and somehow got on the top of blogs and your posting. What a small world!!

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Lucky you were so close to the gas station - hey, that isn't the end of your Europe post is it? I've been waiting for part 4!

chiggidy said...

I ran out of gas once. On the side of I-80 in between State and 7th East. Luckily, by some force, my car started again enough for me to COAST to the end of the 7th East off-ramp where a nice gentleman and his wife stopped, went and got me gas, and came back...that was the first and last time.

Also, $60 is a boatload. I get my monthly metrocard for $76 :-) So glad I don't have a car right now!