Friday, October 19, 2007

Europe Trip Part 3: Vienna

Disclaimer: I pretty much wore the same outfit everyday. I either wore my black zip up fleece or my black pull over fleece. I depended on if it was my day to carry the camera. I wore different long sleeved shirts underneath, but still, I look the same in almost every picture.

After Prague, we took a train back to Vienna. We only spent one day in Vienna and most of it was spent at Marie Antoinette's childhood summer home. I believe it was called something like, Shombrunn. Anyway, it was gorgeous and the tour we took inside was fabulous.

We ate lunch at a little cafe they had on the grounds of the palace. And, I decided to venture out of my safe choice of pasta dishes and order something authentic to Austria... Wiener Schnitzel. Now, Weiner is pronounced with a "v", not "we". I didn't know this but was nicely corrected by my dad before I embarrassed myself and ordered the "wEEner schnitzel." Man, I really would have looked stupid. Thanks Dad!

Anyway, here are some pictures from Vienna. Most of them are from Shombrunn.

This is one of my favorite pictures:


A lady whi spent two weeks in Germany eatng this sausage every breakfast time. said...

So how did you like the weinerschnitzel (sp?) I personally love it. And with all the walking you did, it will never show!

Diania said...

Yeah I'm curious if you liked the food too. If so, we are totally going to Siegfreds.

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Spence and I went to the Schonbrum Palace while we were there last year - once for a tour, and then again for a mozart/strauss concert. It was so beautiful. Aren't those gardens just spectacular! I love seeing your pic's - they bring back such fun memories of our Europe trip together, as well as me and Speen's trip!

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Wow, how neat you guys got to go to Europe together! My family did a similar trip a few years ago and it was amazing...although we didn't get to see Prague (always wanted to go there). Love the pics!

C+K said...

Isn't Prague like amazing??? Freak. I could've spent an entire week there alone. Easy pants.

Austria is awesome. No doubt. BTW, in europe, it is almost socially, touristy acceptable to dress in the same attire each and every day. Packing light, is what we call it, so no shame there.

Also, did you get to sample any Leberskaese? It's popular in Austria and Deutschland, a thick, steaming hot slab of bologne-like meat, smashed inbetween a Kaiser roll with hot mustard. OH ho yum
Great pics.