Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Europe Trip Part 1: Traveling

I thought by breaking out my Europe trip into a few separate posts it would 1) make things easier for me and 2) make things easier for me. Because once again, it's all about me, right?

Most of my family vacations consist of us going somewhere where we can at least, separate from each other for hours at a time. This trip - not so much. This was going to be 9 days dedicated to sibling bickering, zero personal space and wonderful family time.

We started the trip on Saturday morning and found this wonderful family at the airport as an inspiration to our travels:

If you look closely, you can see a hint of Fraulein Maria and the children of the VonTrapp family in their outfits made out of outdated curtains. Or, you can just look at this picture:

Please, Please, Please...let me not marry someone who wants to travel wearing matching, tacky outfits. Shoot me now.

My parents were gracious enough to pay for this entire trip. I couldn't thank them enough. However, that doesn't mean I can't be jealous when they stuck us back in steerage, oh I mean coach, and then sauntered their way up to first class.

At one point on the flight home, I went up to first class to get some Advil from my mom (If you need to know why, please refer to my previous post and my extensive head injury). On the way back to my seat, I experienced my own Seinfeld moment. There was a stewardess blocking the way back to my seat. This was our conversation:

Me: Excuse me, I just need to get pass you to go back to my seat.
Stewardess: You are not supposed to be up here
She was looking at me in disgust
Me: I was just getting something from my mom
She was still looking at me with disgust, but now it was more of an annoyed look
Stewardess: Well, you still are not supposed to be up here
I look at her blankly
Me: Ok, well. I am trying to go back to my seat now.
Stewardess: The captain made an TSA announcement that said nobody from coach was allowed up to the first class cabin.
WTF?? What the h*** is a TSA announcement??
Me: Well, I didn't hear that announcement and I am leaving now.
Stewardess: Listen to the announcements next time

Seriously? Now I know how Elaine felt.

Anyway, here are just a few other pictures from the entire trip of us "traveling".


Diania said...

What a hard life, you had to ride coach? On a free trip to Europe!?!?!

Miranda said...

I think we should all go in on a sympathy gift for Natalie. Coach? On a free trip to Europe?!? Oh, the injustice in this world. Sometimes it's hard to imagine the pain and suffering this poor girl has to go through. If I think about it too much I just end up crying myself to sleep.

Vic and Lindsay said...

Another fun trip! You brat, not fair. How fun to go with your family to Europe. And how funny is that family ...with the hills are alive with the Sound of music. I would die.

The District Girls said...

Just so you remember we always told you that you would be the one of our friends who is wearing a "Christmas Sweater" during the holidays when we get older. I don't think the whole family matching outfits are that far off! Oh and I have had some moments with the flight attendants also. My last flight with my mom actually involved the flight attendant treating my mom like a child and saying should would not do her demonstration if she continued my mom continued to talk and ignore her! How absurd!

youngfam said...

I am laughing so hard right now... SO FUNNY!!! People amaze me.... why would you wear that?! Looks like a fun trip, sorry about your face! Better luck next time right. =)

alisa said...

love the outfits...i totally want to be that family. think of the joy derived from that decision, well done mom!

welcome back natalie. i've been expecting an email from you all day long...still waiting.

Miranda said...

BTW, I totally think we should dress up as that family for Halloween. Matching coworkers are so totally cute!

Nicole said...

i LOVE that kim and penel rode first class and stuck you guys back in coach. that totally made me laugh.

oh, and that picture of the matching family is hilarious, especially since "do re mi" was the first thing i thought before i even scrolled down to see the sound of music picture. were they at least going to austria?

and speaking of which, i still have no idea where YOU went? what country/countries?

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

How fun is that - - - next post include where exactly you guys went. And, why did you have such a HUGE backpack? I thought the family was kinda cute, were they off to Hawaii in their matching outfits? It was pretty hillarious though that they matched pretty closely to the VonTrapps!

Tiff said...

Honestly Natalie, that was the funniest picture of that matching family. Just pray they never see this website because they would totally recognize themselves.Ha! I'm still laughing about it!

C+K said...

You are a cracker-upper lady. My one question to you is, although horrendously tacky, why didn't you and the gang try to dress up in matchin curtain outfits? Seriously, you hadn't left Utah yet. I hope you learned a lesson.

Looks like the trip was a *gasp* success!!! F-U-N I chant!!!!


chiggidy said...

i hate you. a free Europe trip?! and i can't believe you didn't offer for me to join...