Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flashback Friday - My Good Ol' Friend Kristine

Last week we had a bridal shower for my very dear friend Kristine. It was a great shower with lots of friends, good food and fabulous conversation. I took very few pictures from the shower, and I really only like this one enough to post for the world to see:

Jake will LOVE these...I am sure of it. I suggested that instead of the naughty piece of clothing I purchase for her, she should wear this on her wedding night. She told me she would think about it.

Now, after discussing my love for blogs, my friend Diania told me about a fun thing that her friend does every friday on her blog. She does something called, "Flashback Friday". She puts an old picture up and tells a story. I really liked this idea and I have decided I will partake of this idea.

I decided my first "Flashback Friday" post will be dedicated to Kristine. With her wedding a week from today, I thought it would be fun to take at trip down memory lane. Kristine and I have been friends for over 10 years. 10 years!!! It is so crazy to think that time has gone by so fast! So, without further ado... I give you Kristine...

High school sophomore year christmas party (1997). Please Kristine, don't kill me. But this picture was too good to pass up. Nothing is better than her light wash jeans, oversized white long t-shirt and fleece sweater vest to match. Classic 1997 fashion:

Kristine and Bekah

Summer after sophomore year of high school (1998). Kristine was gracious enough to invite all us rowdy kids up to her cabin in Oakley:

From left to right: Me, Lindsay, Kristine, Ashley, Allie, Katie

The next day we went boating and rode her wave runners at Rockport Lake. Gosh, thanks goodness for the invention of the straight iron. My hair shows classic sign of a poorly round brushed blowdry job:

From left to right: Richie, Kyle, Allie, Lindsay, Matt, Steve, Ashley, Garrett, Katie, Cameron, Me, Kristine

I am thinking this was taken sometime senior year. We would always hang out at Katie's house. This was taken in Katie's bedroom:

A common hangout place amoungst our group of friends was Einstien's Bagels. This was taken on one of the last days of senior year.

From left to right: Ali, Katie, Allie, Erica, Katelyn, Me, Kristine

Our friend Jessica moved to Vegas sometime after high school (I don't remember when) and so all us girls went to visit her one weekend. This was taken on the way down to Vegas:

Left to right: Me, Katie, Allie, Kristine, Katelyn and Amy

Me and Kristine being dorks:

At a Utah football game. I am thinking this was sophomore year of college (2001) - but I can't be sure:

Kristine, Allie, Amy and Me

I haven't a clue as to what we were doing in this picture. I think that might have been Ben Barker's car behind us... a boy both Amy and Kristine (both in the picture) dated (2002).

I think this was the summer before sophomore year of college... at Garrett Burbages farewell:

Katie, Allie, Me, Callie, Katelyn and Kristine

We played Powder Puff with our LDS sorority (Gamma). For some odd reason we had cake at the game. And of course instead of eating the cake, we got in a food fight. This was fall of our junior year (2002):

Jen, Kimi, Kristine, Me and Amy

We were biker chicks for Halloween one year. I think this was sophomore year of college (2001).
Amy, Kathrine, Me, Kristine

Now, for anyone that knows Kristine, her birthday is the most important day of the year. She starts counting down a month before her birthday. And then her birthday is just not a day, but an entire week. This picture was taken at her birthday party at Fat Cats junior year (2003):

This picture was taken as we were about to go into the Medals Plaza downtown during the Olympics. We were going to see Dave Matthews Band perform. First of all, Kris and I aren't the biggest Dave Matthews fans, but we thought it would be fun to go. Big mistake. We have never been so cold in all our lives. I even remember wanting to spend time in the port-o-potties (which were new and unused by the way) because they provided shelter from the cold. That night was miserable. This is us before we realized what a night we were in for:

Kristine, Katelyn and I were lucky enough to be students during the years of Andrew Bogut (basketball) and Urban Meyer. With my involvement on Student Alumni Association, I was able to get us sweet tickets to all basketball and football games. This is us at one of the many U basketball games we went to:

And this is us at my parents right before the Utah/BYU football game (2004):

Our friend Adam got married a few years ago. We drove up to Logan to his reception. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen him since his wedding. Sad :(

Allie, Me, Adam, Kristine and Katelyn

This picture was taken on my cell phone, so it isn't good at all. But this was the 4th of July at Sugarhouse park... about 2 years ago.

Kristine and I lived together for 6 short months. We lived in this darling house in Sugarhouse and had so much fun that summer. I believe Kristine went grocery shopping maybe once while we lived there. She would go home every day for breakfast and lunch before and after she went to the gym. I am laughing now thinking about it. This picture was taken on the 24th of July at our house:

And finally, this picture was taken on the cruise we went on this past January. We had a blast on the cruise. We stayed up until 3 every night, were up at 8:30 to get a good lounge chairs, met new people, ate ourselves sick and got ourselves some good tans. The cruise was a blast and now that I think of it, our last singles gal trip we will ever take together!

Love you Kristine! We have had some great memories over the years!


Anonymous said...

Well done. You should get a blogging award for best documentation. I'm a fan of flashback fridays. I am also a fan of seeing you. I need a pedicure soon. What to get together for a mini pamper night?

The District Girls said...

I like flashback fridays! Funny how much we have all grown up. I've heard once you reach a certain age you never really feel older, except when you need joint replacements :) I have the greatest friends! Miss you!

Miranda said...

This is great. Flashback Fridays are the new Girbauds.

Teri and Mark said...

If only you had seen my blog a little earlier today. "Whined" was spelled "Wined". So... you're not the only one with spelling issues!

And I love your recommendation on the driveway. I'll approach that with Mark tonight and see if he agrees. It would be beautiful come Spring. :)

Anonymous said...

Is Beth Clayton the same as Beth Brown???

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Nat- what a cute post, I am lovin the flashback friday's! That was so cute. I couldn't believe that first pic at the Christmas Party 1997 - wow, 10 years ago! Thanks for the memories...

Kristine said...

Wow... I'm speechless, and also completely dorky in those pictures! Please tell me I look different than that first picture or I will call off the wedding due to complete mortification. It was fun to look at though! Thanks Natalie! I'm glad we've stayed close friends for so long!

Wait til do my "Flashback Friday" on you :)

Nicole said...

what a great idea.

that picture from the 1997 christmas party totally made me laugh. i am THRILLED that i wasn't in it--i believe i wore overalls to that party. phew!

Abi said...

Great pictures! What a fun group!!

Vic and Lindsay said...

Blast from the past. Holy cow, that brings back so many memories...highschool days. I can't believe how different we all look. SO funny!!! Love them! And by the way love the idea of flashback fridays.