Monday, October 29, 2007

6 Things About Me.. I've Been Tagged...

Now, normally these things annoy me - refer to this post if you need remembering. But this type of "tag" is interesting to read - so without further ado....

#1 - A typical shower for me takes 7 minutes. I believe my max time in a shower has probably been 15 minutes. I think I get claustrophobic standing in such a small space with steaming hot water. I then, don't understand people who can't take showers in under 15 minutes. It seriously mystifies me. What on earth takes 15 minutes?

#2 - My taste buds still have not matured. If I could, I would still order off of the kids menu at most restaurants. Basic foods like chicken fingers, fries, grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza always sound good.

#3 - I had surgery on my left eye almost 3 years ago. My eye sight was too bad in my left eye to get lasik, so I had a lens implanted in my eye. I had 9 stitches in my eye after the surgery. And now, if the light catches my eye at the right angle, my eye reflects like a cat's in the dark. I call it "my cat eye". And just the other day, I had a friend see it and say, "Oh my gosh, are you half cat?"

#4 - If you catch me on the wrong day, I might cry for no reason at all. I cried once after going through security at the airport when they took away my hand lotion. I had just spent $20 on the best hand lotion known to mankind, and I forgot that it was in my carry on. The security lady was mean and yelled at me for not taking my Ziploc plastic bags out of my carry on. Oh, and did I mention this happened 7 months ago? Yes, I am a grown woman and cry in public.

#5 - I once had a glow in the dark retainer. I luckily never had braces, but I did have a big space in between my two front teeth that needed to be fixed. So, a retainer did just the trick. When the option of a "glow in the dark" retainer was available, I jumped at the chance. It was awesome. If I held it up to the light for a good 30 seconds, it would glow in all it's brightness through the night. It was a hit at sleepovers.

#6 - I love mayonnaise. It by far is my favorite condiment. When I lived with Kristine, Katelyn and Megan, I would have a turkey sandwich almost every night for dinner. What I should have called the sandwich was a mayonnaise sandwich, with turkey and cheese. I am pretty sure I bought one of those ginormous tubs at Costco and had cleaned it out in 4 months time. All. By. Myself.

So, nothing too deep - but just some meaningless facts about me. So, who's next:

Nicole Esplin
Amy Taylor


alisa said...

it's not a cat eye, it's a glass eye. c'mon natalie. oh, i miss your shiny glass eye. now, i'm supposed to come up with 7 facts about myself...what's left to share?

alisa said...

ummm...i meant 6 facts.

MandoRama said...

I'll take your dare. Just you wait . . .

Nicole said...

oh my gosh i totally remember your glowing retainer! funny how cool that was.

and i accept your challenge...just give me a few days to think of six cool things. hehe.

Diania said...

What if you shave? Do you still not take 15 minutes?

Anna & Tony said...

Hi, sorry you don't know me, I was doing a search for Nicole Esplin, we were friends at Wyview and I thought she probably had a blog, so anyway, I can't send her an email on here, but I am wondering if you could reach her for me? I know it sounds odd. My name is Anna Onofrio. I hope she remembers me. Thanks a bunch!