Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Jell-O's Jello-O mush..

For the first time in my young 25 years of existence on this earth, I had the responsibility of having a food assignment for Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't really think much of it until my friend Dave pointed out, "I thought that you only got food assignments if you were married with 2 kids?" I began to question my mother's motives behind giving me the ginormous task (I say literally) of making the Jell-O salad.

(an ideal image of the Jell-O salad I was about to make)

The recipe looked easy enough:
Note: this is off the top of my head.. so the amounts maybe be off
4 cups broken pretzels
1 cup sugar
melted butter
Mix pretzels, sugar and butter and place in 9x13 pan and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Let cool.

8oz. cream cheese
8oz. (0r one regular tub) of whipping cream
1 cup sugar
Mix cream cheese, whipping cream and sugar and spread over cooled pretzel crust.

1 packaged Raspberry or Strawberry Jell-O mix
12oz frozen Raspberries or strawberries
Make Jell-O. Let cool. Mix in frozen fruit and pour over cream cheese and let settle for 4 hours.

Easy, right? Wrong. Ok, well, maybe it was easy. Apparently I just can't read. I made the crust and cream cheese/whip cream layer flawlessly. Then came the Jell-O. I made it, but didn't let it cool and I poured it over the cream cheese layer. I looked at my creation and smiled at myself thinking, "I am awesome!" I turned around to my fridge to move stuff around so I could fit my beautiful creation in to settle. And when I turned around I saw a horrific sight. The Jell-O had sunk through the layer of cream cheese AND pretzels and was now settling on the bottom of the dish. WTF? Did that really just happen? Did I mess up a Jell-O dish?? Clearly, I should not be held responsible for bringing any sort of dish to a family dinner. I think I first need a few years experience on a poor, unsuspecting husband.

Whatever. I decided later that night that I couldn't serve up some disgusting dish, so I went to the store at 12:30 am and purchased new ingredients. However, this time I let the Jell-O cool before I poured it over the top of the cream cheese layer.

And wa-la, the Jell-O salad turned out. Unfortunately, I was so distraught over this Jell-O mishap, that I didn't take any pictures...I'm kicking myself now. It would have made for an excellent blog picture.


Penel said...

WE all thought your salad was delicious. We have all had recipes turn into disasters, in spite of our great efforts. You should know that! How many of my superb dinners, on those very rare occasions, have not turned out???

Older (wiser, too) said...

Have you ever made pumpkin soup out of what was really pumpkin pie? I HAVE!

The Jello was really really good. And I am usually not crazy about jello.

Miranda said...

Jell-O mush happens to be my favorite dessert. I wish you had a picture of it.

Diania said...

I agree with Miranda. Love the Jello Mush.

MandoRama said...

I would take that any day of the week over fruit pie.