Thursday, December 20, 2007

My life in review

I have noticed that over the past month or so, practically all my posts have been "flashback" posts. I have had an overwhelming supportive response on my flashback posts. And I thank you, dear readers. The flashbacks have provided me with countless hours of humor as I look back through old pictures and reminisce at how completely embarrassing my life has been. I love my life. I have learned to love embarrassment and find joy in making fun of myself. Maybe it has come with my older and wiser self, but I can actually say I am proud and happy with the person that I have become.. and continue to become.

Crap, my blog just turned into one of those "journal" types. Scratch that. Back to the funny.

Anyway, with my lack of substantial blog posts lately, and/or anything really blog worthy, I thought I would update you on what has consumed my life over the past little bit.

The past couple of weeks have made me realize that I sometimes HATE being an adult. Within one week, I missed my ward Christmas party to attend a client dinner/meeting that went for 4 hours, I had a 11 hour meeting with minimal pee-breaks and zero ability to retain any sort of information, and one day of leaving work in tears and not being able to stop crying for about an hour.

However, with all the crap that work brings, it also brings me great amounts of joy. I mean, what better way to spend the last part of my Friday afternoon than taking pictures of my co-workers taking shots of tequila.

I tried to position my hand in the picture with my Coca-Cola Classic can - but I thought that it might take away from the large amounts of alcohol consumed by my coworkers.

And naturally, I follow my story about tequila shots with my updates on....

Nice transition eh?

I don't go to ward activities. Well, at least not that often. I find them quite often like social awkward situations that I like to avoid. And usually, I talk to all the same people that I am friends with already.

My calling is the Enrichment Leader. I think it is God's way of getting me to go to Enrichment. Clever guy he is. Just last night we had our big quarterly Enrichment activity. Things I learned about being in charge:
1. I hate delegating
2. No one is ever on time
3. I get annoyed when no one is on time
4. If you leave tables up long enough in the church gym, eventually the 14 year old boys will clean it all up so they can play basketball.

Social Life
I pretty much am so popular that I should probably make up a "social calendar" because I get booked out many many days in advance.

And....that's all a lie.

However, I have been busy with the typical Christmas activities.... i.e; work Christmas party, Christmas shopping, friends Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, watching Christmas movies, Christmas shopping and that's about it.

I took my friend Justin to my work Christmas party. There is a fine balance in finding a date to a work Christmas party....because more than likely, the night is going to be awkward and boring for whoever I bring. Justin was the perfect choice. We are good enough friends that I feel completely comfortable with him, yet knew he could hold his own and handle the sometimes insulting humor of some of my coworkers:)

After the party, Justin and I met up with some friends at his house to get in his sauna. Justin came out of his room with only a towel on.

I looked at him and said,
"Wow. My date is naked. This is my best date ever!"

Justin said back:
"I like to end my dates with being naked."

and then he quoted Sam Malone from Cheers and said,
"Because when have I been naked and not had fun?"


Diania said...

Let's be honest... you are hardly an adult.

alisa said...

i like diania's comment. i don't think this post or your "excuses" make up for the fact that i've heard very little from you this week. maybe i'll write you an email today. maybe.

MandoRama said...

Awwwww . . . I'm sorry that I made you cry that day. I promise that I will never again insult your true love, Mitt Romney. Just kidding. I really am sorry that your were upset. Remember, it's JUST A JOB! Breathe deeply - we would be lost without you.


Fantastic update. An update on my life would take up this much space. Exactly! I really think you should add a jaunt down to Phoenix to spruce things up! Think of the blogging opportunities!

Tiff & Rand said...

You forgot getting your hair done! That should definitely be added to your "social" category, and it would have added an extra line or two to your life update anyway! Also, I LOVED your Flashback Friday picture. You're strappy purses and butterfly clips, ADORABLE! And by the way, I did one of those girls up-do's with the tiaras so be nice! Just kidding.