Friday, December 21, 2007

Flashback Friday - GNO

Ah, what could say Girls Night Out like getting dressed up in prom dresses and heading down to the local Spaghetti Factory? Um, pretty much nothing.

Katelyn, Erica, Katie and I decided to whip out our prom dresses and act like the girly girls that we were. Oh wait, I never went to prom. Ok, so I might have borrowed Erica's Jr. Prom dress. Gosh, that's sort of depressing. But wait... I used to be embarrassed that I didn't go to my junior or senior prom. The shame! Oh the shame! But since it was over 7 years ago that I attended high school, I think the shame and embarrassment as passed. Luckily.

I had to pull this picture from our senior year yearbook. I think this was taken on Katie's camera.... she was on the yearbook staff and clearly pulled some strings to get this flashy picture in the yearbook.

I want to point out two small fashion styles of the time:

1) Purses with long over-the-shoulder straps. WE. ALL. HAVE. THEM.ON
2) Butterfly clips. Katie, Erica and I are all sporting those. Now, that's hot.

Now, I had completely forgotten about this GNO... that is until I was at Spaghetti Factory a couple of weekends ago and I saw this:

So, the pictures is blurry. I know, I know. BUT, these girls one up'd us. Not only did they have prom dresses on, but they all had their hair done AND topped it all off with their own tiara. So pretty!

As my co-worker Diania said: "That's such a Mormon thing to do!"

But, I disagree. I say: "It's just a Utah thing to do."


Mar said...

Damn those Mormons! And damn Katelyn's Keds with her dress. Seriously, I damn them!

Diania said...

So Utah, mostly Provo. I actually did the same thing with my best friends Shelly and Liz. I just didn't want to say. But at least we went somewhere classy like Benihana. We then got a carriage ride around Temple Sqaure. "Top That"

Nicole said...

isn't it amazing what teenage girls will do to draw attention to themselves? when i did the prom dress in public thing, i went to mcdonalds. but that was a sociology experiment. really--it was for a class. that's my (lame) excuse.

katelynmay said...

I have to defend my keds, we all had funny shoes on. And that was my 9th grade promotion dress since i did not have a prom dress either.

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Ha, I love it. That's something my friends totally did in high school too! Although we'd go somewhere like the training table or something. Anyway, loved the post about your "Life in review" because I've been wondering what's been going on with work, etc. As discouraging as dating might seem though, keep it up because it will only get better!

Erica said...

Okay but you didn't point out the best part...our footwear! I loved our GNOs! Man we were a good time!

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Nat- that is hillarious! I love that I am wearing my cheerleading shoes w/ my dress... how classic, always loved those kaepas, and how I could match the color of the triangles to my dress. What fun memories. Beware- I just got a scanner, and I totally want to post that jc penney overall pic, how funny is that!?! I am just warning you in advance! ;)