Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Business

This past weekend I really wanted to watch Big Business. Actually, I had been wanting to watch it for about 3 weeks, now. Don’t ask me why. I think I was reminiscing with Mackenzi and we both decided that this movie epitomized our childhood movie days. Well, that and Dirty Dancing – but we already watched that sometime last week.

I convinced myself that Blockbuster would have this highly acclaimed film. But to my dismay, they did not. Shocked, and very disappointed, I looked for the movie 9 to 5 – another classic favorite of mine. However, I was once again left unsatisfied by the poor selection at Blockbuster. Determined to watch a movie from my glory days, I went for Romeo and Juilet. Who could forget the seven, yes SEVEN, times that I went to see this movie in the theaters??? Or, the time Nicole and I lied to her parents and told them we were going to mall – when in reality we really went to see R&J? Or, the time that the line was too long to buy tickets and the movie was starting – so we (Nicole and I) used my ticket stub from THE NIGHT BEFORE and snuck into the movie? Good memories. So yes, Romeo and Juliet was an excellent choice. BUT to my dismay, both copies of this fantastic film were rented out.

I left Blockbuster distraught. Unwilling to give up on an excellent night of chick flicks, candy, popcorn and a big fat coke – I google text Best Buy in my last attempt to find Big Business. I was willing to drive a good 15 minutes to purchase this film. I was a woman on a mission. And nothing was going to stop me. Well, that was until I found out Best Buy doesn’t even carry it. Well, crap. Mission impossible.

With Big Business completely out of the picture, I called another Blockbuster in hopes that they would have Romeo and Juliet. AND, they did. Amy (new roomie) and I sprinted for the car, made a stop at McDonalds (for Amy – she needed a fountain Diet Coke), were horrified when McDonalds was OUT of DC (WTF?? Can McDonalds really be out of DC?), drove to Blockbuster, rented Romeo and Juliet, were told by the Blockbuster employee that 3 other people had called about R&J, drove home, got in pajamas, took off make up, and finally settled down to watch the classic and sad tale of two, star-crossed lovers take their lives. So sad. Why did I watch that movie 7 times in the theater? Oh, wait. I remember. Leonardo Dicaprio. Nuff’ said.

Big Business will be left for another night, I guess.


Diania said...

I just looked on and they have it. Maybe you need to join online? I loved this movie. One of my friends had HBO when I was growing up and her mom would always record movies from it. We watched this often.

Mar said...

"You're in America now. Speak American." I pretty much have Big Business memorized. currently has 56 new and used from $4.98. It might be worth owning. BTW, I also watched a recorded-from-tv-version of 9 to 5 over and over when I was young. It never occurred me to that they were smoking pot in that one scene. LOL.

Nicole said...

oh my gosh i LOVE that you went on a quest to rent romeo and juliet. i totally own it--no joke. i haven't seen it in years, but it's good to know that i can if i want to. :)

i had completely forgotten about lying to my parents--i wonder why the mall was so much better than the movie? weird. but i do very much remember the recycled ticket night. i totally thought we were going to get arrested. ha.

speaking of the movies, guess what comes out this weekend? i think you should make the trek down to p-town and see it with me. if we're lucky, i could have you married before the night is out. this is p-vo, after all...

alisa said...

i love big business. love love love it. it's also available on netflix. my roommate and i made dinner and invited the alameda boys over (gnu, greg and sean). we then made them watch big business...they all stayed and loved it!! they claim they didn't love it, but i didn't see any of them getting up and leaving.

Tiff & Rand said...

Ha! That post cracked me up. Big Business is a classic. My Mom has it on VHS and I wanted to watch it a few months ago, so I borrowed it but when I got home I realized I didn't have a video player...WHO DOESN'T HAVE A VIDEO PLAYER! Dang.