Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friends, Food and Handsy Men

You know what I love about kids that aren’t mine? I love that I can play with them and be “fun aunt Natalie” and then the second they get fussy, I pass them off to their loving parent. It’s pretty awesome.

This past weekend I brunched it (at Eggs in the City) with 3 of my former co-workers: Diania, Miranda and Amanda. I truly miss working with them and crave the constant banter between office walls. I know they miss me. For I don’t think a day has gone by without one of them im’ing me saying, “work sucks without you.” Yes, ladies. I know I was fun to work with. I know you miss me. But get over it. Move on. I have. I think?!

Anyway, I met up with these fine women on Monday for a little gossip fest, and to eat some food. Because what good is gossiping if you don’t have your face full of food? I made a point to tell Amanda and Diania (a.k.a: D) to bring their tator tots (a.k.a: babies) because I was going through withdrawals and needed to get my baby fix. I feared Amanda would not bring little Patrick because, “he is to handsy”. But, D called me out and said, “Natalie likes handsy men.” And that I do. So Amanda carted little Paddy Poo down for brunch. And handsy he was. The kid wouldn’t sit still. The kid grabbed anything in site: spoons, forks, napkins, sugar dispensers, boobs, hair, sunglasses - you name it. Hell, Amanda is in for one rough ride with him. He’s already grabbing girls boobs and he is only 11 months old.

D brought Finn and the two little boys sat next to each other in their highchairs. I wish Miranda could have gotten a picture of the boys kissing – because they did. But, actually, maybe it was a good thing she didn’t get a picture of it. Because really, it might have been to racey to post that sort of picture on my blog.

These pictures have been stolen off of Miranda's blog...

The boys:
Finn and Patrick

Me, Finn and Amanda:
I wish you could see Finn's awesome shoes in this picture. Cool black and green Converse shoes - too cute!

D and Miranda:

We will brunch again soon.


Diania said...

Best day ever. My face looks a little red and sweaty in that picture. Only the best for you Natalie.

Kristine said...

Natalie... you with a baby in arms looks all too natural. You should have one! Married, not married... I don't judge.

Racie said...


I tagged you. Check out my blog to see what you need to do. :)

Miranda said...

I agree on the fussy-baby-hand-off tactic. Well played.

That was a fun day. When should we do that again? Maybe we need to do that every day. We'll be Ladies Who Brunch.

Natalie said...

You are so wise. I knew we are friends for a reason.