Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday so I thought it only appropriate to dedicate this post to him. Over the years, it has become quite apparent that I am almost exactly like my dad. From a young age, people always called me Kimette. Apparently I look like him. I never saw the resemblance until I moved to DC for 4 months. One day I was looking at a family picture and I finally saw what everyone was talking about. I am Kimette.

My dad is pretty much the best dad in the world. He has always supported me with every decision I have ever made, always made me feel good about myself, and most importantly, blessed me with a dad that I know I could turn to when things got rough. Cheesy moment: He has always been a worthy priesthood holder and I couldn’t ask for a better gift to me than that.

My dad went to countless dance performances of mine, to which I am sure he wanted to kill himself during. He taught me how to golf – and also, that the golf course is where all the men are ;) He instilled in me an acute awareness of time. I am now chronically 15 minutes early to everything. To this day, I still don’t understand late people. If you are one of them, shame on you. Take a promptness lesson from my dad.

I inherited many traits from my dad as well. Let me list a few of them… some are good… some are bad. But all are what make me part of him:

#1 Lack of patience (not good).
#2 A good sense of direction (good). You better believe that if you go on a vacation with me, you will be taken care of. I don’t follow around like a lost puppy.
#3 An active mind that thinks everything through (good)… and sometimes (bad)
#4 The knowledge that you should always back your car into the parking spot at any sort of sporting event. (good).

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!


Kim said...

Thank you for your thoughtful post.You are a terrific daughter who has many great qualities that I could only hope for. I enjoyed lunch yesterday with you and Hailey. Thank you for being the best daughters a father could ask for.
Love, Dad

Jinny Snow said...

You forgot something. I remember at Bear Lake he taught you how to throw a ball like a boy. I was impressed. He is seriously a great father.


Your dad made my mom eat raw onions, gave her swirleys, spit on her forehead and made her sleep in the garage. OK, maybe not those last couple, but I know he was mean to her back in the day. Luckily, my mom my mom is resilliant, eventually forgave him and that is why we are still friends. Happy Birthday Kim.