Thursday, February 14, 2008

I got 4 Valentine's... top that!

It's Valentine's Day. Pretty much the lamest holiday of the year. No, my opinion is not that way because I don't have my own sweetheart to spend the day with - I just think it is lame all around. It makes us single people aware that yes, in fact we are single. And it makes the people who are in a couple feel like they have to do something special for their significant other. When in reality, do we really need a day to do something special for a significant other? Lame I tell you.

With that said, I actually am very happy that today is Valentine's Day. Why, after saying that I think Valentine's Day is lame would I actually like the day? Well, it's because of three boys. Justin, Adam and Steve. Three of my best friends that truly could put a smile on any girls face.

Late last night we had a knock at our door. To our surprise it was Justin and Steve with a little Valentine. Red roses for the ladies - each with our own card.

This is about the ugliest picture I will ever post on my blog. I guess I thought it was safe to take my makeup off and put on my pajamas at 11:00 pm. I was mistaken.

I believe my card was the best. Apparently, each of the boys have a "prude list". And for some reason, I am #1 on all their lists. They say that I set a new record by simultaneously being #1 on 4 different lists. They give no explanation of what I did (or didn't do) to make #1, or will they give me any feedback on how I can be removed from the list. I find it hilarious.

Kenzi's card makes me laugh too. Hers specified that the rose was from Justin, Adam, and Steve. NOT SAMMY.

Kenzi has somehow managed to stay off the prude list. But it looks like her ranking could change according to her card:

I love my friends. And, I actually think this is better than having an actual Valentine to spend the day with.

p.s. I also got a plate of cookies delievered on my step from a "secret valentine". However, this secret Valentine should have disguised her handwriting... :) Thanks lady!


alisa said...

oh you are welcome for the cookies. i hope they were still good. happy valentine's day.

i'm excited to take part in the annual pillow fight in san francisco. the only redeeming quality about the day!

Diania said...

Wow you got more than I will from my husband. You need to get off the prude list for one of those hot boys... Just kidding. Don't delete my comment.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I got "Backyardigans" valentines! Okay okay, Kev got one and I got one. You may not even know who they are..but they are the coolest! Anyways..but you win. The cookies take the cake...always! :) I love cookies.