Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's cold. It's winter. It's still fun.... surprisingly

Last night I seriously considered applying for jobs in California, Phoenix and Florida. Pretty much any place that is consistantly warm. Why would I think such a thing? It is only because I chose to stand outside for 2 hours watching the freestyle moguls competition up at Deer Valley. I could only remember two other times I have been that cold.

1. Medals Plaza during the 2002 Olympics. I remember I almost would rather hang out in the port-o-potties (the new, unused ones by the way) because they shielded the wind and cold.

2. NYC Valentine's Day 2003. A bone chilling 20 degrees is not the time to be walking around in the concrete jungle of NYC.

Even though I was very cold last night, I still had a blast. A group of us went up for a fun night in Park City. Here are a few pictures from the evening:

From L to R: Sarah, Kyle, Amy, Jake, Dave and me

And what would a night in Park City be, if we didn't see a typical PCS (Park City Snob) in her full length, fur coat? And yes, Amy and Kyle posed just for this picture. Oh and if you are wondering what that big white blur is in front of Amy and is just someones breath. Yes, it was that cold.

My hood was a hot topic of conversation. Kyle said it was hot. A strange man passed by right when Kyle said that and said, 'Yea, hot if you were a rabit!" Everyone laughed. I gave him the bird and called it a day.

Good times were had. I only fell on my butt once. And that was after I climbed the ginormous hill to where the mogul hill was. At least I was wearing snow pants and everyone around me was drunk. So, if anything, people just thought I was drunk. And you know what, maybe I was?


alisa said...

cute pictures natalie

Diania said...

I know how you get when you are drunk, totally falling all over the place.

Amy said...

I do think you would make a pretty hot rabbit.

The Tingey's said...

Cute pics! I'm such a married hermit now- kind a sad! So the house:

We are trying to find something under $800/month. I know you are laughing right now because virtually nothing is that price. I will say though, we are always on time with our rent payments and I have been known to make goodies and dinner for my landlord- if that means anything to you. Just keep that in mind if you decide to drop the price :) Well, good luck finding normal renters and if you hear of anything for rent in our price range let me know!

Miranda said...

I can't believe you are making fun of my full-length fur coat. I wore that just for you!

Anonymous said...

Natalie, I'm not going to post comments if you don't email me back!

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

I am glad you are still loving winter, because I am so damn sick of it. I can't stand it anymore!!! Cute pics.

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Fun times!! I actually love that coat of yours! I can't believe some random guy passed and said that it was like a's funnier that you gave him the bird. Anyway, if I were still single I would totally move to CA ! I think you should do it.

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Nat - what happened to flashback Friday?