Friday, February 1, 2008

Flashback Friday - If you yell, your in

Ok, so this isn’t going to be a typical flashback post, because this picture was taken only 2 days ago, but whatever. Work with me here.

For all those that know me, or even those that don’t, I am a bleeding red Ute fan. I was brought into this life as a Utah fan, and I will leave this life as a Utah fan -never wavering in my loyalties to them… and cursing all my Utah friends for getting married and leaving me to be surrounded by cougars. It’s tough. However, my cougar friends have only solidified my dislike of the Y and have given me greater love for Utah. And just my luck, I will probably marry a Y fan. Oh, I pray every day that that doesn’t happen. My family would be torn apart and eventually I would probably divorce because of it.

So, my memories as a child consist of attending Utah football and basketball games. They also consist of a very lively dad that would yell and scream and get so into these games that I feared that one day he would have a heart attack and drop dead from the anxiety. For me, watching sports with an overzealous man is totally normal. I now actually find it attractive. Call me crazy, but nothing is more appealing to me that a man yelling at his TV over a bad call or lousy refereeing.

This past Wednesday I went to the Utah vs. Wyoming basketball game with my dad. First of all, going with my dad guarantees that I will get a large coke and treat courtesy of his wallet (#1 reason to go with him). Secondly, it also guarantees me a night of pure entertainment from him. And this game, he was in fine form. Yelling, cursing, and throwing water-bottle caps on the court. For a minute I thought he might charge the court and get taken away by security and then I would be hitch hiking my way home. Ok, I lie, I lie. I would just steal his car and pick him up from jail on my way home.

Ok, he really wasn’t cursing and throwing water-bottles caps on the court. He only swears and throws things when he is on the golf course. I did have a great time, given the crappy loss. Utah games with my dad will always have a special place in my heart. Love ya, Dad. Thanks for the fun memories.


Diania said...

Bleeding Fan? Everyone bleeds red. Well except maybe for my dad, I'm pretty sure his blood is blue.

Miranda said...

This is a really cute picture of you. My dad also gets way into sporting events. Must be a dad thing.

Go Utes!

Teri and Mark said...

Yelling at the TV is attractive? Seriously? Hmm.... I must be missing that gene!

The Tingey's said...

Nat, I was reading your past blog... Are you looking for renters? How much $? Would this be something that my hubby and I could rent? We have to leave our place before Spring. We're freaking! Let me know details! PS- I LOVE how passionate you are about the Utes. Mike (my hubby) gives you props. He deeply hates the Y and anyone associated with them.

Jinny Snow said...


Kristine said...

Bleeding Red Ute??? What about those season tickets you bought to BYU Football games last year? You can't fool me!

Kim said...

I know that I should have commented earlier, but better late then never. I actually don't mind that you think of my wallet as a free meal, I just enjoy being with my daughter.

P.S. I do not swear.
P.S.S. Most of the time.