Monday, April 14, 2008

The babe was returned unharmed..

My friend Diania trusted me to watch her little boy while she went to pilates class tonight. I used to be invited to attend pilates with her and Miranda, but they soon realized how lazy I really am and finally stopped asking. I thank them for that.

Since the weather today was so fabulous, and since I didn't get to enjoy a lick of it because I was stuck inside working all day* - I took the baby, spread out a blanket, opened up Photobooth and documented the great time that baby had while playing with his Aunt Natalie.

Until next time baby.

*Note: Work is great. I love it. I just don't love it on the first nice day of spring.


Diania said...

He doesn't look like he is having fun.

Teri and Mark said...

Lucky you... get to hang out with Finn! It looks like you had fun!

Good to see you last week. Sorry I couldn't talk more. Trying to entertain the client. ;)

Let's do a real lunch soon. (Where we actually sit next to each other.)

Miranda said...

Lucky little Finn, getting to hang out with Aunt Nat. I'm so sore from my pilates class last night that I may need you to babysit me next week so that I don't have to go either.

The Beck Family said...

I'll give you a call sometime, only I won't be attending any sort of exercise class, but rather doing something much lazier!

Courtney said...

You're a natural!