Thursday, May 8, 2008

She'll take the small..

So, no flashback Friday today. Only because I am too lazy to look through my scrapbook.

On Sunday, I had stake conference and was done with church by noon. Best thing ever. I am now going to go talk to my bishop and petition to have early church. I have forgotten what life is like to have my Sunday afternoons free. So, since we were done with church, Kenzi and I cracked open our cokes and plopped ourselves in front of the tv ready to watch the jazz game. A very sabbath day thing to do :)

Since the Jazz were losing, Kenzi and I decided to lend our support and so we logged on to Fanzz dot com, ordered us some jerseys and called it a day.

Kenzi was a little concerned about the size of her jersey. They only had a Youth 7 in the Kyle Korver. And yes, she had to have a Kyle Korver. No other jersey would do. What size is a youth size 7? Take a look at this picture:

A youth size 7 is the baby size on the right. We might have laughed for 1o minutes when we saw the size of it. We laughed for 10 minutes more when Kenzi put it on:

Turns out, the size was actually a Toddlers Large. Needless to say, Kenzi returned it for a size that didn't push the girls together.

The next evening was spent watching the Jazz game in our jerseys. It didn't help. We still lost. But at least we were looking good.

Please note the large bowl of guacamole. I am pretty sure Kenzi and I ate about 90% of it last night - and we finished it off after work today.


MandoRama said...

I heard that Fleur De Lis Clothing (owned by Kirilenko's wife) in Gateway sells T-shirts that say "Mrs. Korver"!

Jason, Sara, & London said...

Do you still go to the 30th ward? If so, please please talk to your bishop. We are in the 25th ward and have perma 9am church so the singles ward can have afternoon church. I would love afternoon church again.

Racie said...

It was great to see you guys sporting the jersey's again last night in honor of the jazz, but if they lost the first time you wore them and they lost last night when you wore them, then..... well, you know. ;) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The "Spazz!" my dad calls them. Hey I was super bummed that I didn't make it to the shower the other night! School shmool. I'll call you!

The Shaner said...

LOVE the jersyes!....I don't know about Kenz exchanging the small though, I mean that poor jersey has feelings too =( Steve gets the win though for keeping it retro.