Sunday, August 24, 2008

And that is how I died...

Years ago, I worked in the marketing department at Mrs. Fields Cookies. I have to clarify that it was actually, the marketing department in the corporate offices because while I was employed there and I would meet people and I would tell them I work for Mrs. Fields they would ask, "oh, which mall?" And I would be all, "Not the mall you moron, the corporate offices. Geez..I didn't go to college to bake cookies all day. I went to college to sell cookies all day. Don't you see the difference??"

Anyway, the CORPORATE offices of MFC had an awesome break room which housed a Coca-Cola fountain machine. Ice cold coke on tap ALL. DAY. LONG. Pretty sure I gained 10 pounds working there.

But that is beyond the point. My point is that when the blessed day came when I quit that place, I was only sad about one thing. The unlimited coca cola was now a thing of the past.

Lucky for me, Agency X stocks a full fridge of soda. It's as close as I am ever going to get to the fountain soda machine of my MFC days. I try my hardest to limit myself to 1 coke a day. But some days, I've pushed upwards of 3 to 4.

And just the other day, it was one of those days where if I had had time at 9 am to reach for a coke, I would have. But all of a sudden it was 3 pm and I was hitting the wall. It was coke time and nothing else would do.

I walk back to the fridge and this is what I find:

MISSING SOMETHING???????????? There might be 10 billion rows of Diet Coke, but not one single coca cola classic was to be found. I wept. Then I cussed. And then I walked straight up to the receptionist and told her of the tragedy that I just discovered. She didn't seem to understand the correlation of coca cola classic and my degree of productivity.

So in your prayers tonight, pray that I can get through the day without a coke tomorrow. Or better yet, pray that someone went to Costco and stocked up on the good stuff. Yes, yes - pray for that.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Mmm, Mountain Dew.

Mar said...

I'll pray that you can maybe stop at the store and afford to buy your own coke. But free coke rocks!

alisa said...

mmmm, i heart you coca cola classic. why is it that i often get weird looks when i order a coca cola classic at restaurants? in other sad coca cola classic news: i failed to ask the ever so important "what soda is most predominant here at school?" question while i was doing the interviewing and assessing of business schools. a huge oversight on my part. i'm now stuck in the middle of pepsi territory. all day. every day. it makes me want to cry.

Natalie said...

Why pay for soda when it is offered to you for free, Mar?

Alisa, I just wept for you.

D - it's fitting that you are a dew drinker. However, next time I visit Finn, I'm going to tell him that coca cola classic is the only way to go. If he learns anything from his aunt Nat, it will be that.

Beth said...

you make me laugh!
I'm going to Costco this week, should I buy you a keg?

Glenn said...

Have you read that MFC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week?
Maybe someone shouldn't have been drinking so much coca cola. HA!

MandoRama said...

Just be thankful that your office fridge is so clean. There are items in our office fridge from 2006. I'm not kidding.