Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My new standard of awesome

I like taking jumping pictures. I like people who like taking jumping pictures. Pretty much the jumping picture is the coolest picture you can take.

Two weekends ago, Kenzi and I drove up to Alpine, WY to meet up with some friends that were rafting the Snake. We saw a sign for Cokeville. And naturally, a picture was in order. Kenz parked the car on the opposite side of the road, we made a temporary tripod out of the back of her car and the nail file kit I had in my purse. Yes, an actual nail file kit with clippers, a file, cuticle cutter - the whole bit. I use it daily.

Anyway, so I set the camera to self timer, ran across three lanes of freeway and jumped. This is the result:

And last weekend, my ward had our annual ski trip up in bear lake. Yet again, a jumping picture was in order:


I have also been introduced to the "pioneer picture". Aka, the serious picture. Titled "the pioneer" picture because really, what pioneer picture have you seen where the pioneers are smiling? Answer: None. Hell, I wouldn't be smiling either if I had to walk thousands of miles. I understand. I understand.

Anyway, "pioneer pictures" are awesome on many levels:

1) They usually take about 5 tries because holding a serious face is near impossible
2) The results are awesome
3) The results are awesome


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Daybreaking Dickersons said...

That is like me taking pictures through plants. My favorite.