Sunday, September 7, 2008

The finer things in life...

My current digs in NYC:

Yes, my hotel room is the size of a shoe box. I walked in and was all, "WTF? What happened to my room?" I have never in my life seen a room so small. It kind of makes me giggle.

I'm in NYC for work for a few days. My boss and I have made it a point to make it to Canal Street tomorrow. We'll call our lunch break.


MandoRama said...

And you have some creepy dude hoovering over your bed. Sleep tight.

Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Hmm at least I'm like 100% sure that another certain someone won't be staying at your hotel.

theminerfamily said...

Natalie! How are you. I just thought I would stop by and say hi and I LOL with your post! It reminds me of my little room in Florence. Remember when I was all by myelf next door to you and Katie? I remember screaming to see if you could hear me in case ome scary Italian Stallion decided to visit. Good times... Hope you are doing well!

Heidi Kay

Sarah Bellum said...

Totally unacceptable.

chiggidy said...

i'll kill you.

i can't believe that you were here and didn't even bother to call me.

that's it.

we are so over.