Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashback Friday - Farewell, Adios, Au Revoir

As of late, I have received requests for the resurrection of Flashback Friday. I hate to inform you all, but I fear Flashback Fridays are a thing of the past. I know I have been a serious slacker and I fear I am losing valuable readership on my blog. For just this morning when I received my weekly stats report for my blog - my weekly viewership dropped drastically. It made me sad. I blame myself.

So, I guess to make myself feel better and to appease my faithful is a mini Flashback Friday post.

This picture was taken sometime this past spring - at the height of my coca-cola addiction. The collection of cans were from one day. Yep, one day. Ah, those were the days! I do miss them.

Dear Coke,
I miss you terribly. I miss your burn on my throat and the sweetness of your sugary taste. I miss seeing your 24-pack in my fridge on Sunday mornings. I miss drinking you when I eat Mexician food or any type of fast food. Lemonade just doesn't hold a candle to you. I will have you know that I haven't had one of you in over a month. It has been a tough month. A month of tears, of struggles and of frustrations. But somehow, I have powered through. My days of drinking you until my stomach turned over in pain are a thing of the past.

I totally thought that by quitting you I would lose weight. No weight has been lost. Only gained. For I have now taken up the addiction of candy. My rebound is candy. I'm sorry if this is difficult for you to hear - but candy doesn't hurt me like you did.

I don't know if I will ever come back to you. No matter how appealing you look, I am over you. I've moved on.



Global Rock Set said...

Wow, Nat I am impressed - a whole month without coke, good for you! I am sad about flashback friday... (it's katie btw, I am having user name issues)

Jinny Snow said...

Does it hurt to be off Coke's pay role?
I an so proud of you cause I know it ain't easy.

Sarah Bellum said...

I totally understand and am in the same boat. Which is why I'm stalking the office candy bowl three times a day. My butt and thighs have submitted a request that I reintroduce soda into my diet. It's currently under consideration.

Kristine said...

I am so proud...