Monday, October 13, 2008

Please sir, keep it in your pants

WARNING: There is a disturbing picture included in this post. It's so disturbing it makes me wonder if I ever want to get married. View at your own risk.

This past weekend I traveled down to St. George and Las Vegas to go to another Chicago concert. Yes, I did this same trip before. And yes, people made fun of me. Make fun of me all you want. I can take it.

My friends and I traveled to St. George Friday night and stayed at our bishops house. Bishop and wife flew down on Saturday - so we only had chaperons for Saturday.

The highlight of the trip was that while at the concert, I took a picture of these two drunk ladies dancing. As I stared at them I realized I already had a picture of them... from a year and a half ago at the same concert. Awesome.

Bishops wife was nice enough to buy Mackenzi and me matching t-shirts. I will admit that I loved the shirts because I just thought the message on it was funny. But then I was scalded for not knowing that the phrase on the shirt was actually from a Chicago song. So sorry! Ok, Ok. I don't listen to Chicago regularly...or ever. You caught me.

I did get a guitar pick from the cute base player. Oh wait, let me first say that the base player is not 70 years old like many people think. He's totally only like 30 or something. And for some reason I was totally attracted to him. Even with his cut off button up and green Doc Martens -both of which would normally repulse me - however with him I'm all, DUDE... you're hot! He pretty much loved me. Came right up and sang to me - and then flicked me his pick. I screamed like a 13 year old girl at a NSYNC concert.

Hot man signing to me:

And to repulse you all - I give you the saxophone player:

And while posting this picture, the following conversation happened:

Me: (giggling)
Mackenzi: Why are you giggling?
Me: Just looking at a picture
Mackenzi: What? The pee pee in the pants picture?
Me: Ha! That's going on the blog
Mackenzi: Crap. I am never talking to you again because everything I say goes on your blog
Me: I know. You provide me with excellent material.

Some other pictures from the trip:


Global Rock Set said...

Val is so cute!!!

So, what did you guys have like front row seats? Awesome pic's! (it's katie, ps)

Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Gross, did that guy have a cucumber in his pants?

mackenziharris said...

Boo you whore! There was no scalding, it was just funny :)

Sarah said...

Oh My Freakin' A**!!!! Why does it go to his belt and then down his leg? Is it like that two headed snake?

Sammy said...