Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's all about the presentation

This afternoon I went on a walk with my coworker to our local favorite coffee shop - The Coffee Garden. I usually get their yummy hot chocolate, but this afternoon was so nice I wanted a cold drink. The Coffee Garden offers no such drink. Well, at least one that doesn't contain coffee.

So, I bought one of these:I had purchased one of these before and was made fun of for my choice. Sorry people - but my choices are limited. Work with me. No, don't ask me if I have a sippy cup to put it in. But if you hand me that straw, I'll drink it like I did.

So today, to avoid such teasing, I asked for a cup with ice.

Totally looks like an adult drink. I'm moving up in the world.


Sarah Tingey said...

So I just thought I'd add that I too love apple juice that comes in a glass bottle shaped like an apple. Yes, I sometimes drink it in my Dora the Explorer sippy cup. You're welcome to join me. Martinelli's is the best apple juice ever. I've been drinking it for years. Freeze it for a bit in the freezer till it's slushy. It's orgasmic. I mean organic. What? I don't know but it's amazing.

Erika Hanks said...

Your blog is great, I love all your posts! Hey, Katie Taggart tells me you recently invested in a Cannon Rebel camera? I am looking at getting one and wondered how you liked it? Also, where did you buy it from? I'd love any advice..I am deciding between the Cannon or the Nikon!
Hope you are doing well!
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