Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Either my butt gets bigger, or my checking account gets smaller. I pick the latter.

This morning I went to the gym. A milestone in my life for sure. I drive by the gym at least twice a day, pay them $27 a month and yet today was the first day in over two months that I stepped into the building. Wait, that's a lie. I went there a month ago to ask them to put up a poster for a 5k event I was on the committee for. Yes, a 5k. No, I didn't run it. Need you REALLY ask?

Anyway, I am putting it out there Internet - that I am going to go to the gym 3 times a week. You must hold me to it. Normally, I don't bend when people guilt me about my lack of physical exercise. What did I do when about 40 people in my ward signed up to run the Wasatch Back? I tried to convince them not to sign up for it. I told them it was actually hell on earth and I couldn't believe that my ward was supporting it.

If you think about it, in a group of friends someone has to be the lazy one, right? Someone has to be the party pooper. Someone has to be the weakest. Someone has to be the one on the hike that is panting and 1 mile behind everyone else. And really, someone is going to be the fat one.

I am ok with being all of the above - except for the fat one. Hence, my decision to go to the gym. I mean, I am already plucking about 1 gray hair a week from my head - I'm not about to start buying clothes one size bigger. I just can't do it. And with winter just around the corner, my winter wardrobe is needing an overhaul.

So really it all comes down to shopping. Because really...what other motivating factor is there....really?


Adam and Ashley Endsley said...

Okay so you don't know me at all, I was just blog hopping and hopped onto your page from Katie Millers (and old mission companion of mine) but I just wanted to say... your blog is hillarious and even though I don't know you I will most likely pop over periodically to get a good needed laugh. Have a great day. Ashley

Miranda said...

Oh, Nat. You make me so proud! I love that you are happy being the lazy, weak party pooper. That's a title I'm always proud to carry.

Have fun at the gym. Do some push-ups for me.

Stephanie said...

it is always all about shopping