Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pre-packaged clevage on sale for $12.99

Yesterday I went with two friends to a Halloween costume store to look for wigs for our Halloween costumes. We didn't really have a specific person to be, but wanted to be goth rocker chicks. So, naturally black long wigs were in order.

I was lucky enough to find this gem within 30 seconds upon entering the store:

Me: Look Kenz, this is a good one
Kenzi: Oh nice! Does it come with the boobs too?
Me: Doesn't matter. Mine are better.

Mackenzi ended up dressing like Ashley Simpson (pre-plastic surgery) and I stuck with the random rock chick. I looked absolutely ridiculous. I'm embarrassed I actually went out in public...and to a party no less looking so horrible. I might have to dress slutty next week for the actual holiday. Any idea how to dress slutty while still sporting the g's?


MandoRama said...

How about a sexy Emma Smith?

Natalie said...

Mandorama - i'm impressed you even know who Emma Smith is. I must be having an influence on you.

Miranda said...

You are DEFINITELY having an influence on Mandorama. She's thisclose to voting for John McCain. I just know it.

I love your rocker look.

And, as for how to look sexy while wearing g's? Just tuck and roll, baby!

Nothing sexier than a French Maid with some nice g's hanging out the sides. Hot hot hot!

Racie said...

Good luck w/trying to be sexy while wearing g's. I think the closest you could get is to wear something tight!