Friday, October 31, 2008

Sometimes, I'm ok with being lame.

I have made the conscious decision to veto Halloween this year. After degrading myself last weekend with my ridiculous costume, I decided that it would not be in my best interest to dress up, attend any more parties or celebrate the holiday.

I do remember one year where I dressed up as a pregnant nun when I worked at Mrs. Fields Famous Brands. It was the only year in my professional history that I have ever dressed up at work. And, I am pretty sure it will stay that way. However, one year at MFFB we made a spook alley in our department. I im'd Alisa, a former MFFB coworker today to remind her of our early years in the professional world and our ever so appropriate spook alley:

Me: remember when we made a spook alley at MFFB?
Alisa: yes. that was awesome. what are you dressed up as today?
Me: not dressing up
Alisa: what?
Me: i am vetoing the holiday
Alisa: even tonight?
Me: yep
Alisa: lame
Me: not going to any parties
Alisa: more lame
Me: i'm lame. what can I say? That is why you are friends with me, right? Everyone needs one friend lamer than them
Alisa: yes, it makes me feel so much better about myself because no matter how lame i am, i'm no where near as lame as you.
Me: Exactly. So, what are you dressing up as?
Alisa: a christmas tree
Me: that's even lamer than not dressing up
Alisa: no it's not. it's sparkly. So why are you boycotting the holiday?
Me: just not in the mood to get all dressed up and go to some lame party
Alisa: i get i. i wouldn't be excited to go to a church function either, but drunk parties are kind of entertaining when everyone is in costume
Me: oh for sure
Alisa: and statistically speaking, i have a better chance of some drunk guy making out with me. the sober ones sure aren't running.
Me: you better take advantage of someone. i will accept nothing less

I miss Alisa. Alisa, please move back from New York and hang out with me.

In closing, Agency X has a few good costumes here today. Winner of best costume goes to Steve, one of the partners. We've called him Mr. Incredible for the past few months because really, he looks like Mr. Incredible. And so, it was only appropriate for him to dress as himself today:

Happy Halloween all. Enjoy your parties and your cute children. I'll enjoy taking the holiday off.


alisa said...

in my defense, this conversation was taken completely out of context...i sound like such an easy hussy. and yes, i do like sparkly things.

Let the Good Times Roll said...


Sammy said...

Since Natalie is too nice to stick up for herself, I will do it for her... For all those silly "rabbits" out there... Halloween is for kids. I'm sorry you haven't quiet realized you are much too old for this holiday and choose to continue to partake in the awkward and pathetic attempt to hang on to your youth. You're only stealing the thunder from the little ones in which the holiday belongs to.