Monday, November 3, 2008

Please answer my question. Because if you don't, I'll blog about you.

Preface: I was told by a reader that he stopped checking my blog each day because I never post. I then told him I didn't have anything to blog about. However, I thought about this post I wrote a week or so ago, but decided not to post it. The following post is about a boy that is still asking me out. So, if he finds my blog and reads it, he might stop calling. It's a risk I am willing to take to entertain my readers.

Until today, I have made the conscious decision not to blog about any of my dating experiences. Well, i take that back, I remember once posting a top 10 of things not to do on a date - and they all stemmed from one date. But that guy was a definite loser and could have actually used that list to help in his quest to find his wife. So i hope he found my blog and read it.

But today, I have changed my mind. I have changed it only because i think the internet needs to know what dating is really like these days. I have accepted the fact that boys now ask out over text message. It's the way the world is now. I don't like it, but I accept it. So, a week or so again, I had the following text conversation with a potential young suitor. To preface, I had only been on one date with this guy and I actually had a very enjoyable time. He was cute, well mannered and funny. Definitely enough for me to go on a second date.

I have included with the conversation my thoughts as the conversation occurred - which I have italicized to make for easy viewing.

Him: Hey Natalie! This Friday night after 8 - up for dinner and carving pumpkins? I have a tennis match until 8..
Me: So we are striking out, i have plans on Friday night. Saturday work?
Him: I have plans Saturday.. come over for dinner Sunday and bring your roommates/friends. I'll round up some guys Wtf? We just went from him asking me out to me bringing friends to his house????
Me: I have family dinner on Sunday. Sorry man. What if you and i just get together later on Sunday for dessert or something? I did not want to round up friends and go to his house. I barely know this guy and his friends could be losers and I don't want to submit anyone to that.
Him:Perfect..your house Sunday. i'll bring raspberries. Just tell me what time works for you He'll bring raspberries? What the???
Me: Lol. Just raspberries? Or do i need to make sure i have stuff to make dessert that goes with raspberries? And probably 830 will work Me trying to figure out if we are just going to be sitting looking at each other eating raspberries.
Him: 830 works. I've got a bunch of berries So apparently we are just eating fruit.

He came over and brought raspberries.... and then asked if I had ice cream to go with the raspberries. Seriously? Seriously? 1) I had already asked him if I needed to have something that went with raspberries and received no answer. 2) if the boy wanted to get together with me, don't you think it is HIS responsibility to bring the dessert?

He has now been given the name "Berry Boy" by many of my friends. The funny thing about this whole thing is that I'll totally go out with him again. I'll just have to teach him how to properly answer questions.


Amy said...

natalie - if you were a proper sister in zion you would have had ice cream or a freshly baked cake on hand to accompany the berries. you really need to pull it together. how will you ever find you EC if you don't have the proper dessert items awaiting his berries??? ;)

Nicole said...

ha. i vote you blog about your dating experiences more often. "i'll bring raspberries" is too funny.

Erica said...

Have I told you lately how much I despise dating?!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Nat, LOL! He sounds like a cutie. I think you messed up with your text back to him that said "sorry man" - that kinda sounds a little cold - I definitely think you should have called him "cutie" instead of "man." I hope to hear more about Mr. Berry Boy! ;)

Natalie said...

Let the good times roll...
"Cutie" after one date? Um, hell no. You have been married too long to know proper texting rules.

Anonymous said...

Natalie, you are so funny. I laughed especially hard with your response to calling him "cutie". Good luck, seriously dating is a crazy ride. though really funny at times.

alisa said...

am i only one who thought raspberries was a euphemism for something else (ne na ne na)? it just sounded too contrived. what kind of guys are you dating that really mean they are bringing raspberries over? that's just weird.

however, i agree that the more dating stories detailed on the blog, the better. us readers find them wildly entertaining.

Jinny Snow said...

Amy has it right. Ice cream was definitely in order. You know the way to a man's heart!

Danielle said...

Natalie- I love your blog! This one was great. I often find myself asking WTF very often in the dating world we live in.
Keep it coming man!

Daybreaking Dickersons said...

I agree with Alisa. I'm pretty sure raspberries means something else.

Weston and Nicole said...

Haha. This is so funny to me because in college my friends and I used to name our "potential suitors" with something that ended in 'boy' as well. We never used real names, just "___ boy". Brings back funny memories. What's the deal with guys texting to ask out by the way? Someone needs to put an end to that. So wussy.