Saturday, November 8, 2008

The plan is this: You work. I sit.

My laziness has reached an all time high. Yes, I might be going to the gym now, but that doesn't mean I have become anymore productive. This unproductive state is not a good one to be in. Mainly because I have about 1000 lbs of leaves sitting on my lawn waiting to be raked. I really wanted it to be a snowy Saturday so I could sit in my bed, drink hot chocolate and watch chick flicks all day without feeling guilty about not raking my leaves.

And just like most things in my life, that plan didn't work. I'm not surprised. However, since nothing ever goes as planned, I have become a master at Plan B's. And my Plan B for me raking leaves came in the form of me paying someone to rake my leaves. Yes, I called my friend G who has three little Guatemalan friends* who do work for him. And so, in two short hours all my leaves were raked.

Whew...that was hard work. Glad I didn't have to do it.

*Yes, I assume they are illegal and no I didn't care.


Let the Good Times Roll said...

What the bags of leaves! That is narly, too bad you didn't get a before shot. Nat, I think you're smart. I am sure it was well worth the mula.

Stephanie said...

why do something you can pay someone else to do?

or force someone else to do, but that generally only works with family.

you're awesome.

joel + brooke + olivia said...

Why didn't we do that last year? Those leaves were such a pain!!

Annie said...

I have a friend who gets mad at us if we mow our own lawn. Those are the kind of friends I really like. And I always want to make him cookies.