Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'll kick you with my moon boots...and I won't feel a thing.

Today I am working from home. It's not because I am sick, it's because my work needed my house for a photo shoot. I'm not complaining - all I had to do to get ready this morning was throw on a shirt and pants. I barely look presentable. Everyday should be like this.

However, I run the risk of accidentally falling asleep. Since I have about 10 people running around my house, moving furniture, setting up lights and doing who else know what - I have decided to hold up in my room. It's not my client that is doing the photo shoot, I'm just here to make sure they don't burn my house down. But every once and awhile my male co-worker will knock my my bedroom door and come in. It's sufficiently awkward.

Anyway, I made friends with the hair and makeup lady and at one point she knocked on my door and said, "you have a delivery!" What up, Christmas morning! I love home deliveries! She presented me with a package I have been waiting for for a week. Yes, I hold up in my room while I make my house guests answer my door and accept packages for me. I'm considering hiring a personal assistant to help me out with lives necessities; answering the door, cleaning my house, raking my leaves, grocery shopping. The list could go on. I'll stop now before I really start considering it.

So, back to my delivery.

I got these suckas for $30. I find that quite a steal when normally they are $80. For years I had vetoed UGGS or any imitation because really, they are ugly. However, my hatred of long winter months and my lack of warm comfortable boots drove me to make a purchase last year that will forever change my life. Last year, I purchased some $30 fake UGGS from Costco. Best $30 I have ever spent. And since I wore those boots every day last year and wore them to the ground, another pair of boots were in order. And yes, I also have these boots in brown.

Bring it on, Mother Nature. My feet will never know it's snowing.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

I hate them. But I need some to take Oscar outside. I think eventually I'll have to buy the Costco ones too.

Natalie said...

I promise you won't be disappointed if you buy the Costco ones. In fact, I would bet $100 that you would wear them more than just taking Oscar outside.

Chaylynn said...

Hey Natalie, I love your blogs - I'm going to attempt to read them more often. I'm totally on the same page with you when it comes to being known as the lazy friend & I have no shame about it.

We need to meet for lunch - how does the second week of December sound (I know it's totally lame of me to schedule so far in advance, but what can I say?)

Natalie said...

Chay!!! OMG! How did you find me? I logged on to Myspace the other day in the first time since probably January and saw some of your wedding pictures! I am so sad I missed it! I was out of town the weekend you got married and was so happy that you thought of me and sent me an invite! You're darling!

Yes, let's do lunch the second week of December. I'll text you and we can set a date!

Miranda said...

I think I may have to break down and buy some of these beauties, too.

I seem to remember you wearing some at one of our spectacular golf outings at the heated driving range:

Perfect golfing footwear.

Mar said...

I can't stand UGGS. UGG-ly and I am glad you admitted that they are ugly because I was so close to judging you.

alisa said...

two things:

#1 wait till i'm in town so i can come to lunch with chay and natalie too....and oh my gosh, chay got married? why didn't you tell me. i swear, i move across the country and no one feels it necessary to tell me anything anymore!

#2 i too have been avoiding/protesting the uggs since their conception years ago. they are silly and ugly. however, it is h-ing cold here and i may have to do it. i most definitely have to get some rain boots to wear over my jeans and some nice toasty warm boots too. this is going to be life changing--i hate ugly shoes.

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

I love them. They are sooooooo comfy. I don't care if everyone thinks they are ugly, they are the best!! But i guess i am not stylish... because i think they are so cute with jeans and a sweater. then again i am just a relief society mom. Well i guess you have to go to church to be one of those...but mind as well be one.:)

Kristine said...

I love UGGS... they make dressing during the cold season so much easier. Then again... I also love sneakers.

MandoRama said...

Moon boots of the 80s! I wanted a pair soooo badly. Finally got them, and I remember asking myself, "Why do these foamy liner things and plastic bags come out of my boots every time I take them off?" Cheap, cheap ploy, those moon boots. Your fake-Uggs are 10X better. Be proud.