Sunday, November 23, 2008

Utes only. Cougs prohibited.

Every year that Utah plays BYU at home, my parents have a party at their home prior to the game. It's the highlight of the football season. And it's pretty much considered a holiday in my family. I fear the day that I marry a BYU fan. It will probably happen. Just because that would be my luck. And so, when we would take a family picture like the one below, I would be the one holding hands with a guy dressed in blue. Oh, the shame!

Since Alex is on his mission this year, we had an extra ticket to the game...and I was privy to invite someone. And believe you me, there were Terms and Conditions to who could be invited. The only Term and Condition was: No BYU fans. Of course, I had no problems with this. Because who really wants to sit next to a BYU fan anyway?

However, this T&C eliminated Mackenzi, 3/4 of my friends, and a boy that I have been going out with. And so naturally, I invited Mackenzi's ex-boyfriend.

Who better than my best friends, ex-boyfriend, really? I knew he would probably yell and curse more than my dad, and so I knew it was a wise choice.

Here is the picture that we took and sent to Mackenzi at the end of the game, with the message, "Thinking of you!":

I'm pretty sure she wants to be a Utah fan now.

Go Utes!


Kimberly said...

I think you should have the same rule for dating and marriage!

MandoRama said...

I DO believe that you and I are actually on the same side of things in this instance. Must be cold down in hell. And Mr. Pig, why are you flying?


Seriously the highlight of the month! My new visiting teacher came over. we started talking. I could smell a little coug stank on her breath. I gloated... and then we said a prayer. The spirit was so strong.