Monday, December 22, 2008

If it had been a bill, I probably would have ignored it

Last week, I received letter in the mail from Jinny. I can always tell when I get mail from her because she has very specific handwriting. It's all in cursive and I don't know anyone that has written in cursive since the 4th grade. I was excited about this letter for two reasons. #1 I love getting mail when it isn't a bill or junk mail. It always makes my day. #2 It's from Jinny and so I knew it must be good.

And she did not disappoint. She read an article in the paper that she thought I would like. AND, she probably realized that the only form of news I get is from my feed on my home page and that I needed a little educating. So she clipped it out, wrote me a little note, put it all in an envelope and mailed it off to me.

I cherish these small things that Jinny does for me. Friends that have met her all say the same thing to me... "oh, she is so tiny and sweet. You can just put her in your pocket." And so, since I can't actually squish my grandma up and put her in my pocket, I'll keep these little gems that she sends me and call it good.


Jinny Snow said...

I write with a calligraphic pen because I like the way it looks, (Always wanted to be an artist.) I'm tiny because I'm a cheap date and don't eat much (unless it's caviar). I sent you the article because she is such a good writer. You are a good writer. And you both have a quirky and knock out sense of humor. I love it.

The Richards Family said...

Ok i just love the little cover up of your address. Have a Merry Christmas Natalie!

PS: How's the petition going for the ward? And what's your email address? I have gone private. So email me

Natalie said...

I keep forgetting to ask to switch times. Dang it!