Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If they actually came to home teach us, they would know we are smarter than them

Tonight I came home to this lovely surprise on my counter:

How sweet of my home-teachers to think of me and Kenz at this festive time of year.

I'm 99% sure this nicely packaged cornbread was a re-gift. I know both my home-teachers and neither of them bake - let alone have red ribbon and a fake poinsettia bow lying around. Upon further investigation of the card, we noticed the back side also had a message. Ironically, in a different color pen AND different handwriting.

First, I'll thank them for thinking of us. Second, I'll mock them endlessly for giving us cornbread that had been given to them by someone else. And third, they will admit to the re-gift because I know neither of them is going to admit to spelling "Holidays" wrong.

Merry Christmas boys. And thank you for giving me a white elephant present to bring to my work party tomorrow.

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