Thursday, January 29, 2009

Conflicting messages that clearly have no affect on me

You know those people that put up pictures of skinny supermodels up on their fridge to motivate themselves to workout/eat better/lose weight? Well, I would never do that. If I needed motivation to do such crazy things, I would put up pictures of really obese people to motivate myself to never look like that. Plus, it would make me feel really good about myself. Looking at a picture of some skinny b* would totally give me a complex and I would suddenly be filling a 12-month prescription for Prozac due to my sudden onset of depression.

So, since I am talking about motivating fridge decorations, below is a picture of my two current fridge ornaments.

On the left we have an awesome quote from Elder Dallin H. Oaks about the 3 P's that must exist to make a "Perfect Date". I know, I should totally be embarrassed that I have such a cheesy quote on my refrigerator. However, the fact that I have chosen to display it next to a magnet from Ann Taintor which reads, "She could hardly wait to regret this" - I think it all evens out. I often wonder if these two conflicting messages have any affect on my mental psyche. I would like to argue my point and say that for sure it doesn't. However, the next time that cute boy I've had my eye on calls me to come over and "watch a movie" - I'll ignore the Oaks quote and listen to Ann Taintor. Because really, there will always be a next time. And next time, I'll insist that our get together will be 'planned ahead, paired off and paid for".


Sammy said...

Nice try, but you're still #1 on the prude list.

The Richards Family said... make me laugh! Seriously! My old institute teacher said you had to "find a man that has a job, turns you on, and can take you to the temple!" Ha ha. None of this "two worthy people" stuff. Anyways, love your roomie Nicole! She's the BEST!