Friday, January 9, 2009

I think I have more gray hairs that she does

As of late, grandma Jinny has made the cut into many of my blog posts. I am sure she feels privileged, embarrassed or pissed. It's totally a toss up. I'll settle for happy and cross my fingers.

Anyway, I realized after a friend asked to see a picture of her that I have only posted one picture of my sweet grandma - and it was a long time ago. And so, without further adu, I give you Jinny - the cutest grandma on the planet. I mean, a grandma that dyes her hair and only comes up to your boobs is pretty cool.

Thanks Jinny for the awesome trip this year! You're fabulous!

I'll post more Mexico pictures later. I'll also write about another fun travel extravaganza that ties last years "Travel Fiasco". Because what would a trip with the Harris family be if it didn't involve running down a terminal with your shoes in your hand and your pants falling down?


Miranda said...

Jinny is too fabulous for words!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Good ole Jinny, what a cutie!

And how cool is that Katherine Heigl picture. Good to hear that she is actually nice in real life. Super cute picture.

Jinny Snow said...

My dear Natalie, you are very, very velcome.
Lets just say I was kneeling in thee last picture.
I never did go for milk.,,,unless there was a brownie handy.

The Richards Family said...

Cute Grandma!! Ok so i just saw your pic with Katherine Heigl. I AM SO JEALOUS! how fun!!!