Sunday, February 22, 2009

Proof that I am too lazy to walk long distances..

When I travel, I want people to think I live in the city that I am traveling to. I don't like acting like a tourist. I don't know why I think this way, but I do. It's probably some whole psychological issue that should be cleared up by hours and hours of counseling.

So, when I went to DC this past weekend, I only wanted to do one big touristy thing. I wanted to see the WWII Memorial. Katelyn was a gracious host, and even though she had seen the monuments more times that I can count, she humored me and went to see it. I was all, "you're coming and you are going to take pictures." She's lucky I didn't make her take a jumping picture. I thought maybe I would want to walk down to the Lincoln, but when we got to the WWII Memorial and I realized how far we would have to walk, I was all, "want to go shopping instead?"

So, here we are seeing the WWII Memorial. I hid my big camera in my purse - which turned out to be more annoying than a 3-year old throwing a temper-tantrum in the grocery store checkout line because it was so heavy. But FOR SURE, I was not going to walk around with my camera hanging around my neck. Oh, the embarrassment.

Kate and I spent the rest of the day shopping Georgetown, going to a movie and just hanging out. We met Erica at a very delicious tapas restaurant, which name has slipped my mind, and they educated me on the awesomeness of big city dining. They had to make reservations for us and and when Kate and I got there 20 minutes early and the hostess wouldn't seat us until our whole party arrived - we plotted plans to take her out.

Saturday morning I met up with my friend Brooke and her hubby at Eastern Market.. one of my favorite places in DC. After Eastern Market, we ditched the husband and got pedicures. Because at one point, every girl needs to have her feet massaged by someone other than her husband.

My trip went by way to fast and before I knew it, Erica was taking me to the airport. However, not before we did some more shopping and made this awesome video at the Newseum. And if you think I just misspelled museum, then you are wrong.

I had a perfect weekend and was so happy to spend time with my friends that I miss so much. My next mission is to get all three of these wonderful friends to move back to Utah.

Thanks ladies for having me and making my trip so fun! Please move back here because hanging out one weekend a year is just not enough.

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Christian and Brooke Bowers said...

Yeah! You finally posted about D.C. I'm so glad you guys went to the Newseum, wasn't it so cool? You'll have to email me pictures of the bookstore for Christian. It was seriously awesome to see you! Miss you tons!