Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've resorted to storing things in my garage, which I once vowed I would never do

So I have been wanting a new bookshelf for my room for the, forever. The bookshelf in my room was the bookshelf my parents bought me when I was probably 8 years old. It was old and falling apart and I half embarrassed it took up any bit of space in my room. Yes, thank you mom and dad for buying me a bookshelf. But I really thank myself for having a job that allowed me the luxury of buying a $89 one at Ikea. Oh, and Agency X - that is my subtle hint that I could use a raise.

I may or may not have completely copied Katelyn with the bookshelf idea. I took the below picture of Katelyn's room when I was in DC.

Putting this bad boy together took about 30 minutes. However, don't think that 30 minutes went by without a few choice words and a "this is man's work" complaint escape my mouth.

I also wanted/needed more storage space for all my junk. It's amazing how much crap I've collected in the 4 years I've lived away from my parents. And so, where better to store all my junk than under my bed. And for such a thing, I had to buy risers to put my bed on. Pretty sure my bed is now 4 feet off the ground. I literally have to jump to get in it.

My next project is to find a new bedspread. I really want a black and white duvet cover that I can mix bright colored pillows with. I don't want something too busy, but I am not against prints or patterns. So, if you have any suggestions as to where I could find this very specific thing I am looking for, let me know. I've already checked Ikea (obviously) and The Company Store - and neither have the duvet I have pictured in my head. Go figure.


Kate said...

I like the bookshelf. That totally threw me off when i first looked at your blog and saw my room. I think you have made another wise decision. The risers on the bed are key too.

joel + brooke + olivia said...

Check out Overstock, they have a few b/w ones but some are kind of busy.

I know PB has a super cute one but it's pricey.

MandoRama said...

Your room is so cute! But be careful - those bed risers aren't very stable! Although, you should be okay since your bed isn't seeing much movement.

Mar said...

Try TJ Maxx or Target. If you want cheap, head to
JC Penney at Southtowne.

The Richards Family said...

Look how good you are at decorating. I love it. The bed is the best place to store things under. Our bed used to be on concrete blocks, but we just bought a bed with huge drawers under it and love it. Anthropologie always has really cute duvet covers. Target always has great ones too. Good luck. Post a pic when you find it!

chiggidy said...

you could live in New York - bed on the risers, Ikea furniture for space saving. it's brill.

as for duvets - Pottery Barn. West Elm. but i am biased.

<3 and miss ya!

alisa said...

mandorama is the funniest person ever. he he he

as for a duvet, check out this michael kors one:

personally, i think i might prefer the paisley:

he also has some black and white animal prints--(insert dirty animal action joke here)

i'm not a fan of the b&w one at antrhopologie right now:

there are a couple of cute ones from dwellstudio at design public, but i think they may be too much white and design to need color accent pillows:

good luck shopping.