Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do us all a favor and cover up...

A couple of weeks ago my heathen* friend, Amanda went to the Draper temple open house. When I first heard she was going to the open house I was shocked and immediately instant messaged her:

Me: I've heard a rumor
Amanda: Oh, [gosh]. What, pray tell?
Me: That you signed up for a tour of the Draper temple. Hell has frozen over. You go to the temple for a tour and before you know it you are converting and will be the new Relief Society President.
Amanda: Sweet! Every night will be craft night.

I'm pretty sure she is telling me she wants me to send the missionaries to her house. Because, when I followed up with her after she did the tour, she told me she was converting. You can even ask her. And if she lies, I totally have my Google Chat record to prove her otherwise. Sarcasm doesn't translate in Google Chat, my friend.

Ok, I kid I kid. You see, Amanda and I really did have a chat about her experience. And she did actually enjoy it. Plus one for us Mormons. Yay!

However, she did express her disgust for the dress of many of the young LDS girls who were also at the open house. Amanda, who did her research and had read to dress in "Sunday attire", wore dress pants. And to her, Sunday attire is nice dress pants. Nothing wrong with that. She's no mo - so how would she know? But when she got there and a group of young women were barely covered - she began to wonder what is more appropriate; dress pants or short skirts?

Apparently, she felt like she got a few stares from people because she wasn't in a skirt. But for goodness sake, shouldn't the stares be left to the half naked 15 year old girls in front of her? Where on earth are these girls mothers? And more importantly, why did the YW leaders not say something to the girls for their lack of modesty?

Inappropriate dress for church is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate it when girls wear flip flops to church. UGGS are even worse. Oh, and sandals in the dead of winter. Please, do us all a favor and put on a pair of nylons and a nice pair of pumps. Or, did you forget that you are going to church? A place where you participate in ordinances that are sacred in the eyes of God.

Ok, I do realize that I am by no means the best mormon. I swear, I see rated R movies, I mean...the list can go on. My blog is not the place for me to air my dirty laundry - i'll leave that for the bishops office. But, yes I'm imperfect. People are imperfect. And no, you can't judge the truthfulness of a church by the imperfect people that are in it. But, the truth is that people watch us and can be influences by our actions.

I'm glad that overall Amanda had a nice experience at the temple. She's totally one step closer to converting. I can feel it!

*I would call Amanda a heathen to her face. She's probably even like it.


The Richards Family said...

I totally agree! What is with Uggs and church these days? blah!

Christian and Brooke Bowers said...

I agree and I'll add my pet peeve . . .today at church a girl was wearing leg warmers with her skirt . . .seriously?

MandoRama said...

Thanks for addressing my observations! Honestly, if girls’ skirts are inevitably going to be accompanied by Uggs, flip flops, 4-inch peep-toe metallic stilettos (yep, saw those on the Temple Tour) or legwarmers (are you kidding me, Brooke!?!?), it seems these girls would just be better off wearing a nice pair of dress pants and a matching jacket – at least the pants would cover up these girls’ shivering legs (it’s winter, y’all!) as well as camouflage their hideous footwear choices. It’s a win-win for everyone, right?

But you still didn’t answer my question – what is the reasoning behind The Female Pant Ban? Is there some fear that pant-wearing female churchgoers will be mistaken for men? Help me understand! Nat, I’ll make you a deal: If at the next Conference session The Female Pant Ban is officially lifted, I will attend church with you for six months (think of all the crafts I could do during that time!). Otherwise, I’ll just continue to spend my Sundays doing heathen-ish things like going to brunch, taking Paddy to the park (which is actually right next to the local ward – does that count as church attendance by proxy?) picking up dog poop in my backyard, and watching the America’s Next Top Model marathon on Oxygen while I fold laundry.

P.S. – And don’t worry, you ARE a good Mormon in my book. Remember when I asked you to see the Sex and the City movie on a Sunday? You stood your ground and said, “No way.” (And then you saw it on Saturday, instead)

Glenn said...
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Glenn said...

My list of things to stop wearing to church.
for women,
1. flip flops
2. cotton t-shirts. I know it might be cute, and it might match, but if you wore it with jeans on Wed, maybe you can put on a decent blouse.
3. those leggings the girls wear that come out under their skirts and stop at thier ankles. They were hip when I was in HS with big bangs, BUM Equipment bags, and LA Gear shoes, but this is not a fad that should be resurfacing.
4. tight fitting sweaters that are supposed to be a dress. I don't know what this is or where it came from, but it's just a bad idea.

for men,
1. no tie,(I sometimes do this but I suppose I will have to turn over a new leaf)
2. 5 o clock shadows. maybe the ladies dig it, but it just makes me think you want to be an abercrombie model.
3. motorcycle helmets(leave it on your bike, or put it in the coat room). You dudes that carry them with you to EQ and Sunday School to look cool know who you are.