Monday, March 9, 2009

Supply vs. Demand and I win

The other day I went to Smith's to purchase some vitamins. I know it sounds great and all that I am an adult and purchasing vitamins, but the real reason I bought them is to make my hair grow. Not because I need my daily dose of nutrients. It's how I roll.

I went to the store on my lunch break. Bad decision. Never enter a grocery store when you are hungry. Because everything looks good. That dog food? Yea, I could maybe eat that. Those Pork Rinds? Yea, those don't look that bad.

While at the store, I convinced myself that I needed more food at my desk at work. I clearly don't have enough in my drawer*:

I walked out of the Smiths with the following items:

1. Alive Multi-vitamins
2. Apples (3)
3. Toffee/Carmel dipping sauce
4. Bag of mini carrots
5. Hummus

My total was $48. WTF? This is why I do not go grocery shopping. I end up spending a crazy amount of money and still walk away saying, "I have nothing to eat." This $48 only confirms my decision to eat out for almost every meal.

And since I eat out for almost every meal - it's always great when I have an excuse other than, "I haven't gone grocery shopping in 8 months". On Wednesday night I went to 5 Guys to celebrate my friend Kevin's birthday. I ended up being the only girl with 6 dudes. I'm not complaining. Because what girl wouldn't want to hang out with 6 guys all by herself? However, when the dinner conversation turned to hunting and how animals fight - I was all, "I have nothing to contribute to this conversation" and I started filing my nails. Ok, I didn't. I maybe just thought about it.

*Please pass no judgment on my food stash at work. Because if you worked with me, you would be coming to me every day saying, "what do you got?" And I would be all, "I am not a grocery store. Ok, maybe I am. That granola bar will cost you $1."


Amy Buff said...

Who doesn't eat out every meal. Honestly. Making food is no good. And I'm jealous that you can eat hummus...

Dave and Nat said...

I do the same thing when I got to the store. You go for 1 thing and end up with 20. By the way if you really want to make your hair grow take prenatal vitamins they make it grow like a weed :)

Miranda said...

Oh man, we have really got to work together again. And soon. I have a Kettle Corn craving like nobody's bidness.

Natalie said...

Remember when we would sit in my office and eat my candy from my candy jar? I miss those days.