Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Polygamist +Tattoos + Beer = My Cruise

Ok, so instead of posting a bizillion pictures from my cruise, I have chosen to post just a few of my favorites and included a few exaggerations to each one. Becuase really, what is a story for my blog if I can't completely over exaggerate?

I was really glad that our ship didn't sink like the Titanic. However, even if we had, we would have been safe according to the below picture. Pretty sure my lifevest smelled like urine. If we had gone down, I would have given that vest to Gavin and pretended like it was his all along.

Our first stop was Nassau, Bahamas - home of the infamous Atlantis. I was hoping our girl Britney Spears would have been there, but no such luck. I figured if this place was good enough for Brit Brit, then it was good enough for me. When we found out that the waterpark adventure was going to cost us $110, we all looked at each other and handed over our credit cards. Best $110 I have ever spent.

After we all got burned to a crisp, the next day was spent on the beach in the shade at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.

So we wouldn't look like a Polygamist couple from Utah, Kenzi and I got ourselves some tramp stamps and Gavin got himself an arm tatt. We also did a photoshoot to document our tattoos. When we got them, they gave us a card for "tattoo care". It said, "your tattoo will last 1 to 5 days". Well, glad I just paid $15 for it to last one day. Awesome.

Our final stop was at Grand Turk - which pretty much had the most beautiful water I have ever seen. We boycotted the cruise's excursion and took a cab to a small "mom and pop" dive stop and boarded a tiny boat to scuba dive in the crystal clear water.

The highlight of Grand Turk was our cab ride back to the ship. Don't ask me how we ended up in a cab with a drunk cab driver, but we did. Because when he said, "Is there a beer back there?" and reached around and pulled out a Heinekin and took a swig, I was all, I AM GOING TO DIE! AND HOW CAN I GET ME SOME OF THAT?


Let the Good Times Roll said...

I wish you would have posted more pictures, it looks incredible! Um, is that water for real? That is AMAZING!!!

Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Love the tramp stamp. I knew you had it in you to be a true tramp.

Kristine said...

I especially love the picture of Gavin running his fingers through his hair to show off his ANd could you please refrain from showing pictures of you all on those beaches... I just drooled all over myself daydreaming that I was there too. Sigh.

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

Looks like you had a blast!! I am so jealous!!