Thursday, May 21, 2009

Productivity might be measured by the size of my computer screen

My desk at work is pretty small. Like so small I can reach my hand out and hit the girl next to me if she was bugging me. Lucky for her, I like her. So that won't be necessary. My last job I had an office that I blogged about and loved. But the days of me shutting the door on my boss are long gone and I now work in a very open work space. At first, I was not happy about moving from a job that gave me an office to job that gave me a cubicle. And actually still to this day I lust after the offices at my work. But I realized that this job is much better than my last, so I will stop complaining.

This open work space business does limit me from playing on Facebook or reading celebrity gossip blogs - which, if my work was slow would seriously be a problem. But lately I have been so busy at work I have barely had time to pee, let alone check my news gossip feed on Facebook. People have asked me "what's the gossip" and I honestly can't tell them. It's kind of sad.

I work off a very nice MacBook Pro at work. I love it. I even have a nicer laptop than my boss. Not quite sure how that happened, but I am not complaining. Earlier this week one of the web developers needed to take my laptop on a business trip. I was a little nervous about turning over my computer into the hands of a web developer. But he tied my hands behind my back and took my computer from me. I cried that night and considered calling in sick to work the next day.

However, when I got to work I had this pretty computer as a replacement:

I was mesmerized by the size of her screen and I instantly wanted to be friends with her. Her, being the computer. I would be proud to work with her everyday. Even if it meant having her viewable by every inch of the office. We bonded and work was great.

But today, my little MacBook Pro was returned to me. I missed him. And even though I got a new friend for a few days, I welcomed him back with open arms. If not for anything, but for the fact that I need to check Facebook at least once a day.

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Kim / Belly Button and Co. said...

thats our computer... i love it... any other screen i look out now is sooo little compared to our 24 incher i mac.... love it.... hope you are enjoying yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!