Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Single Mo'ness at it's finest

This past weekend I went to California with a few girlfriends to lay on the beach and do nothing. Well, not nothing. My goal was to further ruin my skin by getting tanner than I have in years. I think I was successful in my endeavors.

On Friday night, we heard of a birthday party for some random girl that lived down in Orange County. One very nice thing about being a single Mo is that no matter where you go in this world, you instantly have a social scene to work with. And this weekend was no exception. We were informed that this party was a "dance party". I immediately got social anxiety just thinking about it and could see the party playing out in my head. Awkward music? Check. Awkward dancing? Check. Awkward boys? Double Check. Truly, the makings of a totally memorable night.

And that is was. For when we pulled up and saw this, I was all, THIS IS AWESOME!

We thought we would only stay for 10 minutes - 15 max. But, somehow we stayed over and hour. Of course, leave it to me to get picked up on by a creepy dude. He was all handsy and thought he could break the "touch barrier" because it was loud. Sorry dude, you don't know my name, now get your hand off the small of my back or I might have to hit you.

Now, I do realize that if I had been attracted to the dude that was touching the small of my back I would have had a completely different reaction. However, the bottom line is the guy had really crooked teeth. And I just can't get past poor dental care.

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Rachelle said...

you are hilarious. you get to go on lots of fun trips. im jealous!