Monday, June 1, 2009

Shirtless men and the embarrassment that follows

My life is full of random stories that make me happy to be me. Here are two of the latest:

The other day, I was babysitting my friend Diania's little boy, Finn. And not only was I tending him, but his 3 other cousins. All boys. All under the age of 5. The oldest of the boys was named Beckham. He totally and completely reminded me of my brother Alex. The child wouldn't stop talking. It was adorable. He also was quite the charmer. For when I told him I would watch the movie his parents had put on for him he said, "i like to cuddle." Nice, a man who knows what he wants. I can respect that. So I laid on the bed next to him. Not soon after, I got a text from Diania telling me that she would be home shortly, to which i replied, I am cuddling with Beckham. Her response was to tell me that I should watch out, because he will put the moves on me. And not two seconds after her text Beckham was all, my shirt is itchy. I am going to take it off. I laughed for like 10 minutes.

On Saturday, I went on a bike ride. I was going along Wasatch Drive up above foothill wanting to get to that path that goes down by suicide rock. Well, as I am cruising along I pass a super hot guy running. I'm distracted by his glistening sweaty body and I made a wrong turn. Woops. My bad. Focus, Natalie. Focus. I then had to turn around and get on the correct street. Hot guy had passed me in my mistake. So, I had to pass him again. I ride down the street a little further and then I realized that I had to head back home because I had to get to a hair cut appointment. Clearly, I have my priorities. Anyway, as I come up to a stop sign I notice hot-glistening-cut-tan-perfect runner man standing on the corner. I was so distracted (yet again) that as I came to a stop, I totally fell off my bike. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Awesome. Well, more like mortifying.

If one day I can make it without falling off my bike in front of hot men, I will know I have had a successful and complete life.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

You are pretty much the best babysitter around.

Brooke said...

Oh how I miss you!